What we're about

Hello and welcome all to the public speakers meetup for beginners! We have a very friendly, supportive and non-judgmental environment. We encourage people to make mistakes here and learn from them, as there will be no negative consequences from that. This meetup is for people who want to improve their confidence, by practicing speaking in public, giving speeches, delivering presentations, improvising speeches without any preparation.

Public speaking is a very useful skill to develop in life. It not only helps you to do things such as presentations at work and university but also develops your inner qualities in other areas of life allowing you also to improve your social relationships with people, as you learn how to express yourself better.

This meetup will feature events allowing people to develop themselves and grow by undertaking a practical approach, which comprises an array of: doing challenging exercises in public, seeking rejection in public and learning how to deal with it, public speaking, improvised comedy, basic drama for beginners. We allow people to explore themselves deeper both physically and mentally, stimulating creativity and imagination. Our goal is to bring the 5 year old to play again.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is grounded in the theme of vulnerability. We help people to overcome their insecurities in becoming more confident individuals by exploring and being vulnerable in public.

Our principles are grounded in authenticity, where we encourage our attendees to get in touch with themselves on a deeper level, which as a result enhances our self-acceptance. The way we achieve this is by encouraging our participants to explore being vulnerable and experiment with how it feels to have 'your guard' down. We believe being vulnerable = strength and not weakness. Instead of always attempting to be someone who we are not, which forces us to hide certain qualities from the public we encourage our attendees to be themselves, because what we are is already as great and 'full' as we can be. When we aim to be more, or change/hide our weaknesses we allow our insecurities to grow. Hence, our goal is to help people reach a place of self-worth, self-love and self acceptance and VULNERABILITY is a big theme underlying our philosophy.

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