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Welcome to the Project Data and Analytics meetup. We created this meet up to share best practise on leveraging data within a project, programme and portfolio environment. We all know that data has the potential to transform how projects, programmes and portfolios are delivered, but practical implementation constraints often prevent the full value from being realised. This meetup will explore some of the challenges at the intersection of data analysis and project, programme and portfolio management and discuss how practitioners are working to resolve them, underpinned by real world examples.

We'll also explore how machine learning and AI can help to resolve some of the challenges at the intersection of project / programme management and big data.

We also have a great Hackathon on 23-24 Feb at the Microsoft Reactor in London. Masterclasses, real data, free Azure passes for the weekend, prizes and expert advice on hand. Tickets available at this link (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/projecthack-february-2019-tickets-53220638362).

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Using project data to understand project performance/Agile effort estimation

Talk 1: "What lies beneath? Using project data to understand project performance." Mudano are looking to build the autonomous project by combining the right data, technology and delivery expertise to deliver business value for our clients. In the data-driven future of project management, project managers will be augmented by artificial intelligence and advanced analytics that can highlight project risks, determine the optimal allocation of resources and automate project management tasks. In this talk, we will give an overview of the journey we've been on in achieving the above including how we applied natural language processing (NLP) to classify project status reports from a retail bank to highlight projects that are failing, those at-risk and those that are on track. Speakers Dave McCallum is a senior delivery manager with extensive background in delivering large scale change, particularly in data transformation for financial services clients. He's done a lot of work within Mudano on definining delivery method aligned to Mudano principles of removing waste, applying science, pursing value, anticipating issues and empowering teams Sarah Schofield is a delivery manager with experience in software delivery within retail, telecomms and financial services. At Mudano, Sarah's focus is how we can use data, combined with design processes underpinned by scientific principles to drive and validate behavioural change, ensuring that we deliver solutions that 'do the right thing' Data Scientist TBC Talk 2: Agile Effort Estimation Within this talk Derek Jones will provide insights into his analysis of 10+ years of commercial development using Agile (10,100 unique task estimates made by 22 developers, under 20 project codes). paper+link to data: http://arxiv.org/abs/1901.01621 Factors found to influence task implementation effort estimation accuracy included the person making the estimate, the project involved, and the propensity to use round numbers. Derek used to write compilers that translated what people wrote, and then moved on to analyzing code to try to work out what they intended to write. These days he is analyzing all of the publicly available software engineering data: http://www.knosof.co.uk/ESEUR

Data Analysis of 11,000 Projects: Changing How Projects are Delivered

At Saïd Business School we have built and analyzed a dataset of over 11,000 projects. Our analysis has resulted in a series of world class academic papers that bring new insights into the causes of project challenges and how to overcome them. This talk will look at the the power of data to transform the 3+ trillion international industry of project delivery. Our key insights are that data can help organisations to better understand themselves. We promote the idea that data provide an outside view and cuts through human psychology and organisational politics. Data leverage the experience of the past to transform how projects are delivered in the future. Please ensure that you sign up with the venue too in order to gain entry: https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/11674-project-data-and-analytics BIO Dr Alexander Budzier is the Fellow in Management Practice in the Field of Information Systems at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School. Alexander's research focuses on using data to understand and manage the challenges of high-risk, high-value projects, not only in the field of IT but also in hard and soft infrastructure, energy, mega events and organisational change. Alexander’s current research focuses on the challenges of IT-enabled change, the changing nature of projects, and how to embrace risk. He is teaching and developing courses on the subjects of project and programme management, risk management and systems thinking. At Oxford, he regularly teaches on the MSc for Major Programme Management, the MBA and MPP programme and at the Major Project Leadership Academy, a leadership development programme for the top project managers in the UK civil service. Alexander designs and conducts learning and development programs for private and public sector organisations to build their individual and organisational capabilities to master the challenges of working with, in and around projects, programmes and portfolios. He completed his doctoral studies at Saïd Business School in 2014 on “Theorizing Black Swans” and holds a master in computer science and management from Dresden Technical University. Prior to joining Oxford he worked at T-Mobile International and was a consultant with McKinsey's Business Technology Office in Düsseldorf and Chicago, where he advised clients on IT and operations issues.

How do we use technology to augment human judgement in projects?

Dave is an internationally renowned authority on complexity and knowledge management. He has kindly agreed to spend an evening with the London Project Data Analytics Meetup sharing insights into how AI and data science may be able to shape the world of project delivery, particularly projects which have a high degree of complexity. Can complexity inform the way we do project management? How do we manage risk at heightened levels of complexity? Can we use weak signal detection techniques to give early warning of possible failure or overrun? Dave is taking work from counter terrorism (his DARPA and other work) and applying them to project management using a multi-methods approach. This event will be one of the first expositions of the approach and a chance to get in on the ground floor of new ways of thinking. It will be a two part session, beginning with an hour long talk on Dave’s perspectives on the challenge, followed by Q&A discussions with selected members of the audience, then opened up to the floor. About Dave Snowden: Dave is the founder and chief scientific officer of Cognitive Edge. His work is international in nature and covers government and industry looking at complex issues relating to strategy, organisational decision making and decision making. He is a popular and passionate keynote speaker on a range of subjects and is well known for his pragmatic cynicism and iconoclastic style. He has previously won a special award from the Academy for originality in his work on knowledge management. He is an editorial board member of several academic and practitioner journals in the field of knowledge management and is an Editor in Chief of E:CO. In 2006 he was Director of the EPSRC (UK) research programme on emergence and in 2007 was appointed to an NSF (US) review panel on complexity science research. He previously worked for IBM where he was a Director of the Institution for Knowledge Management and founded the Cynefin Centre for Organisational Complexity; during that period he was selected by IBM as one of six on-demand thinkers for a world wide advertising campaign. Prior to that he worked in a range of strategic and management roles in the service sector.

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