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Have you ever thought about a friend and at that moment they call or walked into a room and felt uneasy or at peace? Then you are a sensitive, empathic person, using your intuitive abilities to pick up or tune into people and places.

My psychic school classes, based in London, and sometimes in retreats around the world, will allow you to fully explore your natural abilities to enhance your intuition, psychic and spiritual awareness.

Week to week, we cover clairvoyance (vision), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), psychometry, meditation, auras, meeting your guides, crystals, past life regression, mediumship, grounding and protection and anything else you wish to know connected with your spiritual journey....

All levels are welcome from beginners to advanced, all the classes are undertaken in a positive, fun and encouraging atmosphere where students develop at their own pace, it's an enjoyable way to learn about yourself and others. It’s more a warm and intimate group setting, rather than a school setting.

I've been running this class since 2012. Regulars don't always sign up through the site, so the numbers may not represent the attendance for the evening.

You will be in experienced hands so come along to a relaxing, healing, psychic evening.

I look forward to meeting you all.

Bright blessings,


Spiritual Medium, Past Life Therapist, Crystal Healer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Facilitator of Retreats


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Learn Skills To Grow Your Intuition

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“Others joining not from this group. Count me in! This class is oxygen to me, the energy I connect with here takes me through the rest of the week in blissful serenity” - Lulu Wills. What does it take to create the kind of life-altering transformations that make a profound, meaningful and lasting difference in a person's life? - Spiritual awakening! Whether you are a beginner or advanced you're going to start discovering the 'secret ingredients' allowing you to fully explore your natural intuitive abilities to enhance your psychic and spiritual awareness. Creating life-changing transformations over time. My weekly Tuesday evening psychic and spiritual classes / school will cover Intuition(impressions) Clairvoyance (vision), Clairsentience (feelings), Prophecy (premonitions), chakras, auras, guided meditation, meeting your spirit guides, crystals, past life regression, spirit mediumship, grounding, protection and anything else you wish to discover connected with your psychic spiritual journey.... All welcome beginners and advanced, classes are undertaken in a positive and encouraging atmosphere where students develop at their own pace. Please come along to a friendly and relaxing evening. Full address given when you make contact with me. Please arrive 7.20pm for promp 7.30pm start. End time 9.30pm. I have cats Luna & Kai in case you have allergies. Look forward to seeing you. Warm wishes, Kim Alexis I believe it’s important to know your teacher has experience. I have been working and teaching in the area of spiritual, psychic, healing transformational therapy and coaching for 20 years. So you know you’re in capable hands. Psychic/Spiritual Medium/Crystal Healing/ Past Life Therapy/Clinical Hypnotherapy/Inner Child Therapy/School/Class/Sardinia Psychic & Wellbeing Retreats http://www.kimalexispsychic.co.uk [masked] /[masked] (the class usually has 6 to 10 people, I like a small group, sometimes not showing here as they are not all booked on meetup. It’s not so much a school environment, rather an intimate class)

Magical Morocco Spiritual Retreat November 2019 Book Now!

If you are looking to escape the stresses of a busy life, completely relax, learn, transform and rejuvenate to inner peace and well-being, then my Journey Of The Senses spiritual and well-being retreat is for you. Discovering Morocco is an assault on the senses! None more so than the highlights and hidden gems in Essaouira a beautiful coastal town, known for its Medina, surfing beach, camels, horses, music festivals and stunning sunsets. Essaouira reconnected me to love, love in all its forms, from the people to architecture. It opened my eyes to connectedness. I realized how warm, hospitable and generous everyone was who I encountered, I became part of a group of people who welcomed me yet knew very little about me. Morocco opened my heart once more and I am changed and you will be too! Please join me, staying one week in a stunning hotel villa close to all the exoticness of the Medina. Wander through the labyrinth of ally ways bustling with shops and stalls selling anything and everything from silver jewellery, Argon oil, herbs, spices, Moroccan slippers and so much more, there are art galleries, cafes and restaurants, the wide sandy beach in close proximity is where camels and horse rides are available. You can engage in various other activities, such as water sports, yoga or cooking classes. The hotel villa also offers bike hire. The hotel villa features a heated outdoor pool, a sun terrace and guests can enjoy a meal in the gardens, by the pool or in the lounge. Some bedrooms feature a seating area where you can relax. You will find a coffee machine in the room. The rooms are equipped with a private bathroom fitted with a bath or shower and shower. For your comfort, you will find bath robes and free toiletries. Free wifi is available. There are only six rooms in the whole property, some rooms have one double bed and a single bed, some a double and two single beds.The nearest airport is Essaouira Mogador Airport, 7.5 miles from the hotel villa. This will be a retreat group of no more than 10 people with high interest already being shown so book your place fast, don’t miss out! Email for more details [masked] or call[masked] 30% deposit payable by 15th August non-refundable, [masked] / call[masked] Flights are NOT included. Taxi to and from Essaouira airport not included. Fly from Stansted Airport to Essaouira with Ryanair 30 minutes to hotel. Fly from Gatwick Airport to Marrakesh Airport 2.5 hours to hotel RETREAT ITINERARY Day 1. Learning about the aura, chakras, energy and crystals with guided meditation Day 2. Spirit guides meditation and tarot readings. Day 3. Crystal guided meditation, psychometry (objects) readings. Day 4. Past life regression guided meditation, psychic creative writing. Day 5. Guided meditation your power animals, psychic drawing, psychic messages. Day 6. Meditation to angels & priestesses, healing old wounds - mother, father, siblings. Healing the inner child. DAY 7. Learning from and healing romantic relationships, romance tarot readings, mediumship spirit connections. Over this fabulous week in this relaxing beach villa hotel we will cover many profound spiritual exercises that enhance your intuitive psychic abilities to assist you on your spiritual journey and open your heart to inner love and magic.There will be plenty of free time for you to integrate the energies and shifts that occur as well as time for exploring Essaouira. All welcome, beginners and advanced. What are you waiting for! www.kimalexispsychic.co.uk

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