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• What we'll do A new year, a new Projects Night meetup. Come along if you have a project you keep meaning to work on, but never quite getting around to; also come along if you are wanting to help out with any projects. While most of what we've looked at is Python, if your project is in another language you're welcome to join. I'm currently looking for a venue, probably a pub or cafe in Central London. If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments. • What to bring You'll probably need a laptop, unless you already know that what you're aiming to hack on doesn't need that! • Important to know While there is no official code of conduct for this meetup yet, if what you're thinking of doing would cause problems with the Django Girls' code of conduct then your best bet is not to do it: This meetup is not affiliated with the Django Girls.

Cafe in the Crypt

Trafalgar Square London WC2N 5DN · London

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London Python Project Nights is a monthly event for people who code.

The event's founders needed an excuse to find time to work on the ideas they always spoke about when they met at other tech events, but never found the time; they also thought this was probably a problem other developers faced, and that the added peer pressure of sharing their creations from conception would help them actually produce their projects. As a result London Python Project Nights was born.

We welcome anyone who has a project idea they would like to work on, or looking for a project to contribute to. We have had people come to start a new project, people working on their existing project, people joining those of other attendees, even people coming to work alone on large well-known open source products.

We do not enforce a minimum level of coding ability, but we do expect everyone to contribute on some level, and have a code of conduct we expect attendees to adhere to ( ( This is intended to make the event as inclusive as possible, and suggestions for ways we can improve are welcome.


In summary we're all about code, everyone is welcome, bring your own food and drink, work on whatever you want, as long as you're willing to talk people through what you've done at the end. To keep in contact between events we have set up - anyone on gmail or hotmail should be able to sign up without an invite, let us know if you want to join but can't.

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