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The London Quantum Computing meetup hosts regular talks on quantum computing and also provides opportunities for scientists, entrepreneurs and investors involved in the field to network and learn from each other. This meetup is concerned with pure quantum computing - for other non-computing quantum technologies please join our sister group The London Quantum Technology (https://www.meetup.com/London-Quantum-Technology-Meetup/) meetup.

Quantum computing is on the cusp of an explosive growth curve, with applications that will have unimaginably large effects on the human race. These applications include artificial intelligence, material science, pharmaceuticals, finance, security, general computing and medicine. This meetup provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs, developers, existing quantum computing businesses and researchers in London to share knowledge.

We usually hold a couple of events a month, mostly at the CodeNode venue in London, near Liverpool Street train station.

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Videos of most of our previous talks can be found with red Meetup tags at:-


We also now have a London Quantum Computing Meetup Slack workspace you can join by following this (https://londonqc.slack.com/join/shared_invite/enQtMzU5MTUwNDY5NDkzLTMzNmIwZGEyY2E3MGExNzllYjFkODU1NWYwN2E2YWJmNzQ4NTUwMWI2YmIyZDliMTc3ZWMyNWI2ZmU3NzAxMDQ) link and entering your email address to sign up. This workspace has channels for chat during talks (for posting links relevant to the talk as it happens) and for people interested in quantum computing startups, as well as the usual General and Random channels. Members are welcome to create their own channels and invite other members to join and chat in them.

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Quantum Computing Startup Pub Meet

Needs a location

IMPORTANT NOTE: This event is by invitation only - if you fulfil the criteria listed below please apply for an invitation by filling in the relevant Google Form. This a networking event for those involved in or with a particular interest in the quantum computing startup space. If you have a startup or ideas for a startup you can also apply for a 10 minute private session with each of the investors that are attending. It will be an evening meeting of up to 40 people that will either be at a pub close to Liverpool Street station or at a new venue near Bermondsey tube station. Each attendee will submit details of their interest and experience which will be compiled into a group dossier for attendees to use to help with networking at the event, and for the investors to use when selecting interview candidates. Please only apply for an invitation if you satisfy one of the following criteria:- - Working with, in or setting up a quantum computing startup - Have experience necessary and/or desire to work for or set up a startup - Are interested in investing in a startup - Other connection to, idea for or interest in a quantum computing startup To apply fill in only one of the following two Google Forms depending on whether you want private sessions with investors:- - With private investor sessions - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdlCgEpbg9dHZXf0WJdDpwKhzMSYFZPmZk0p_Umr7Sy5vJtNg/viewform?usp=sf_link - Without private investor sessions - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf4v_EySiQy7tAuws-iqgSA2ngU1PDSoP8vuq8SRrv9TSMpjQ/viewform?usp=sf_link (Your answers should be fairly detailed - roughly between half and one page total for all your answers). Please also hit the Attend button for this meetup event and confirm that you completed one of the two forms. People who have not completed the form will be removed from the RSVP list. Closing date for applications is 3rd January 2019 and I will be contacting you by 10th January 2019 to let you know whether you are invited or not. The event will start at 6:00pm and will continue until around 10pm. Each person will have a name badge and we will start the evening with each person giving a 20 second self intro, then have networking and investor sessions, followed by food, followed by a final networking and investor session before finishing. The invite email will detail the location and the full schedule for the evening. Due to problems with venue bookings we will be at a new venue which cost £100 total, and so will be asking attendees for an optional £10 contribution towards the venue cost (any change will be refunded). Food will be pizza which will be paid by attendees and will be approx £15 to £20 each. I have set the max RSVPs for this event to 70, but only around 40 of those who RSVP will actually receive an invite. There are two investors due to come and their profiles can be found at http://www.londonquantumcomputing.org/home/investors-attending-17th-jan-2019-quantum-startup-pub-meet Note: This event is open to all people interested in or involved in quantum computing startups, not just those seeking investment. You can apply if you are hiring, looking for employment, have the start of an idea or want to join up with someone else who already has an idea or a company. We have already had two of these events in 2018 and people who came said they found it interesting and enjoyable.

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Responsible Innovation in Quantum Computing

Skills Matter CodeNode, 10 South Place

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