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The London Quantum Computing meetup hosts regular talks on quantum computing and also provides opportunities for scientists, entrepreneurs and investors involved in the field to network and learn from each other. This meetup is concerned with pure quantum computing - for other non-computing quantum technologies please join our sister group The London Quantum Technology (https://www.meetup.com/London-Quantum-Technology-Meetup/) meetup.

Quantum computing is on the cusp of an explosive growth curve, with applications that will have unimaginably large effects on the human race. These applications include artificial intelligence, material science, pharmaceuticals, finance, security, general computing and medicine. This meetup provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs, developers, existing quantum computing businesses and researchers in London to share knowledge.

We usually hold a couple of events a month, mostly at the CodeNode venue in London, near Liverpool Street train station.

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Videos of most of our previous talks can be found with red Meetup tags at:-


We also now have a London Quantum Computing Meetup Slack workspace you can join by following this (https://londonqc.slack.com/join/shared_invite/enQtMzU5MTUwNDY5NDkzLTMzNmIwZGEyY2E3MGExNzllYjFkODU1NWYwN2E2YWJmNzQ4NTUwMWI2YmIyZDliMTc3ZWMyNWI2ZmU3NzAxMDQ) link and entering your email address to sign up. This workspace has channels for chat during talks (for posting links relevant to the talk as it happens) and for people interested in quantum computing startups, as well as the usual General and Random channels. Members are welcome to create their own channels and invite other members to join and chat in them.

Past events (39)

Applications Quantum Computing in Finance

Standard Chartered

Quantum Computing with Superconducting Circuits

Drayton House B20 Jevons LT

Benchmarking quantum computers for materials simulation

Lecture Theater G22 LT Pearson Building (North East Entrance)

Advances in Quantum Machine Learning

Skills Matter CodeNode, 10 South Place

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