What we're about

We come together every month to receive and channel Reiki in a warm, friendly and supportive space.

We are given the opportunity to share our experiences with Reiki, life and receive the beautiful Japanese empowerment Reiju.

The Reiki circle is open to all women who are Reiki students.

If you have an intention to work with Reiki and deepen your connection so it can support you on your healing/spiritual path, this circle is for you.

Join me for tea and a circle of friendly supportive women channelling Reiki for our spiritual growth.

The Reiki Healing Circle will be held at a venue near Brent Cross and will be £10, payable in advance.

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Heal Yourself, De-stress and Boost Your Creativity with Reiki I

Many years ago I suffered with a very painful wrist sprain. I used various natural remedies, but each time I thought it had healed up I sprained it again. This went on for months and I was constantly having to wear a wrist support. A friend suggested I have some Reiki. I went for a session and put the wrist support on after the session. I felt some pain in my wrist. I took it off and the pain disappeared. I rotated my wrist and realised that it was 100% better, it was healed. I am really excited to teach this beautiful and powerful Healing System Reiki I. Why learn Reiki? *De-stress and calm the mind *Tap into a gentle and powerful healing energy to help yourself and your family *De-stress and calm the mind *Empower yourself by exploring a simple spiritual system (not connected to any religion) *Nurture a peaceful and creative space within, that you can access at any time Reiki is a Japanese method of working with Ki or energy which can benefit you and others. It was developed in the 1900s by Mikao Usui, who taught Reiki as a system that promoted self healing, self development, spiritual development and healing for others. Ki (or Chi) is a subtle energy that surrounds us, moves through us and can be channelled to heal ourselves and others. Reiki has helped thousands of people to experience these changes. Reiki is a practise that can work for anyone and is very easy to learn. Shoden: Reiki First Degree (Reiki I) Reiki First Degree lasts approximately 16 hours but is taught using a comprehensive manual which you go through at your leisure together with a full day course in North West London, where you will be guided by me through practical energy exercises. The course is fun, enjoyable and gives you lots of opportunities to share your experiences. The program for the one day courses include: *3 Reiju empowerments (these are special connection rituals which enable the Reiki to flow through you) *Learn what Reiki is and where it comes from (background and history) *Learn what Reiki’s original founder taught and how we can follow the original system and how to apply it in our lives *The Reiki ‘precepts’, mindfulness and the use of empowerments *Learn how to work with the energy and how to benefit from daily energy exercises eg Hatsureiho *How to treat yourself (both the Japanese and Western methods) and give treatments to other people. The cost of the course is £140, £70 is payable on booking as a deposit and £70 is paid in cash on the day. Once the deposit is received the pre-course material is sent to you two weeks before the course starts so you can begin. Comments from past students: The day was interesting and there was a nice atmosphere. The teacher was gentle and caring. I asked for more energy and I got that, now I’d like to keep that feeling for as long as possible! MM, N.W. London I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki course with Samantha. My eyes have been opened to a new world and I look forward to putting it into practice. TF, North London Bright Blessings Samantha xx Samantha Gladden is a Reiki Master with over 10 years experience teaching and channelling Reiki for clients in her private practise.

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