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Relationship Discussion group: Let's talk Love Languages!
This Meetup has been specifically set up to answer some of those burning relationship questions that crop up time after time. Here you’ll get the opportunity to offload, get clarity, seek solutions and move forward in this area of your life. Depending on the numbers attending, and the time available each week we will set aside some to talk about a specific dating/relationship topic. How will it all work? In a small group (no more than 10 people) you’ll be given a slot to outline your relationship question or issue. We will listen carefully to what you have to say, share our thoughts so that you can decide (for yourself) what your next best step should be. If you have no burning issues on that evening, that’s fine. Please feel free to still participate and provide support to others in the group. Time permitting we will be talking about Love Languages. You will get the opportunity to assess how you prefer love to be shown to you and how you demonstrate love to others. Come along to find out more. These discussion groups will be held at least once a month. You’re free to attend as often as you would like - in fact you’re encouraged to come back to let us know how you are getting on! If for any reason I sense that this Meetup is not right for you I will let you know discreetly during the break or after the Meetup and suggest alternatives. Location We will meet in the Loft Bar, Bumpkin Westfield Stratford. I will be seated near the sofa area. It will be sign- posted. Just grab a drink and join us! Grab a space for £3 today. The price increases closer to the date. Bit about Me I am a Relationship Specialist. I work mainly with single women who have had a string of bad relationship experiences. I help them to move forward and find love. This discussion group is open to both men and women from all backgrounds so please come along! * Please note. This event has been advertised on other social media platforms so if you are keen to grab a space, please do so asap.


Bumpkin Westfield Stratford City 105-106 The St, E20 1EN London, United Kingdom · London

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What we're about

This is a fun and highly interactive Meetup group. We explore a range of relationship issues in an informal, supportive way. At the end of each Meetup we catch up over a drink and bite to eat at the nearby theatre bar. Strong friendships have already been formed by getting to know one another at a more deeper level.

Who should attend?

So who is this group aimed at? Absolutely anyone!

You could be a single man or woman now questioning why you have not yet found that special person in your life to build a long lasting relationship. You may just want a few tips and techniques on how to get back into the dating scene. We are here to support you at whatever stage you may be at and on whatever topic you choose to explore within the group.

You may already be in a relationship and would love to learn a little more about building and maintaining a healthy romantic relationship. Perhaps you want to know the male or female perspective on certain issues.

You may be just curious to know more about relationships or indeed Relationship coaching.

As a member of the London Relationship Coaching Meetup you will be warmly welcomed into this supportive and safe group.

Bit about the organiser

Ivona specialising in love, life and relationships. She works mainly with single women over the age of 35 who have had a chain of bad relationship experiences. Her service is 1-1 coaching that helps them to move forward and to ultimately find love.

As oppose to talking friends who may change the thoughts going through your head and have limited knowledge, Ivona offers you non- judgemental, confidential and reliable support though those tough, frustrated and lonely periods. Because of her work clients return to their confident, whole and peaceful self again.

Ivona shares her own personal experiences and extensive knowledge on the subject of relationships so that members go away from the Meetup event with a greater understanding of this wide and fascinating topic and work towards leading more fulfilling lives.

Benefits of being a member of the London Relationship Coaching Meetup

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