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Coding Dojo on Section 2.1-2.2

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We're continuing on with Chapter 2 (although we may still work on problems from Chapter 1) and introducing pairs and lists. In particular, we're working through Section 2.1 ( and Section 2.2 (

If you've never joined us before, please note that you're welcome to pop and and we'd love to have you. Just ensure that you're comfortable with Lisp-type programming and the material covered in Chapter 1.

After a short discussion of the material covered in the book, we'll break out into pairs for a strict coding dojo: I'll present a few problems from the book and let you work on them in pairs. After a few minutes, someone with a solution will walk us through it. Use of google, twitter, wikipedia, et cetera is strongly discouraged.

Our group has a github account (, too.

Please read the section or watch lecture 2B: Compound Data ( before coming.


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