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What we’re about

Microsoft Data London are based in the London area aimed at enthusiasts looking to learn more about all things Data and SQL Server related. We're here to build a community of everyone who is just as excited about the Data industry as we are, sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas and helping everyone upskill as the world of data advances.
"Network, learn, ask a question, meet other folk, get fed - these are all things that happen at user group events. These events are a really great opportunity to socialise in an informal learning experience"
We are part of a network of Data Platform user groups in the UK, all of whom love to welcome new members - so whether you're passing through London for a short time, in the area but simply haven't found us yet, or you're from somewhere else entirely but want to get involved in our remote session - everyone is welcome!
All participants are expected to follow our code of conduct to ensure it remains a safe space -