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*Games only session 7:30pm - 2hrs lower Intermediate&up (27 Nov)@Holloway School
THIS WILL BE OUR LAST SESSION FOR 2018. WE'LL COME BACK ALL REFRESHED IN 2019. Entrance to the sport hall is shown on the picture. Games only session. No coaching is provided. !! Usually the list of people who're going isn't all, so don't worry if the number is very low. !! Pay in cash directly to Kyoko before the session. £7 / 2 hours. Lower intermediate and above only. (If the number is low, it will be put together with members from coached sessions. In that case, it'll be all levels.) = Our rules for games only sessions = • Wear appropriate clothing/shoes (Caps are considered hazardous.) • Bring your own racquet(s) • BRING WATER! - There is no fountain or vending machine • Change RSVP to "No" as soon as you know you can no longer attend to give other members enough time. Failing to do so is treated as "no-show". • When you put yourself on the waitlist, remember to take your name off when you know you're no longer available. YOU WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY MOVED to "going" when a spot opens up. Check your status often when you're on the waitlist. You don't always get a notification when your status has changed automatically. • If you cancel after 9am on the day of the session, £3 late-cancellation fee will be added next time you attend. Canceling in less than 3 hours to the session is charged fully. • "No-show" is charged fully. • Late cancellation/no-show penalties for guests also apply to the member who were supposed to bring those guests =Parking= Single yellow lines are free after 6:30pm. If you have any questions, e-mail Kyoko from "Contact" on the left column. Before doing so, please read all the descriptions! Please play safely on your responsibility. Organiser(s) are not liable for any accidents, loss or damage during the sessions. Follow us on Twitter (@UniverseBad) and facebook (

Holloway School Sports Facilities also Known as The Bridge Secondary School

28 Carleton Road · London, N7 0EQ


What we're about

For those who are serious about improving your badminton, this is the place for you!

The London STEP UP Badminton is a coaching-based badminton meet up for from complete beginners to match players. According to the coach’s evaluations and as you attend sessions regularly, members are given a "title" to match their achievements. Categorisations may shift according to the standard of all members.

We train on Tuesday evenings at Holloway School, North London. (We have moved from Sobell LC in January, 2018.)

"Titles" go like this… (Comments are not really according to the categorisations! Please refer to the " Titles and what to aim for your next step up (" page for the real descriptions.)

[No title]........We’re all blank canvas at first.

Sun.........All possibilities are there.

Mercury........Small but big step!

Venus........Learned some beautiful shots?

Mars........Getting all hot!

Jupiter........Fumed up with tactics!

Saturn........Got some wicked shots?

Uranus ........Chilled by cool moves!

Neptune........Getting hard to be shot at!

Each session consists of 1-hour coaching and 1-hour games. There are usually 2 sessions running at the same time, divided according to members' "titles". "Titles" are chosen by the coach’s evaluations on individual’s achievements. Please look at our " About (" page before you join.

We're running this meetup with our goodwill. This is not a business. Your help and kind words are much appreciated!

*We're sorry but this meetup is for 18 years old and up. If you are a junior player, we know places you can go for coaching. Send the organiser an e-mail for more information.

This group is concentrating on doubles games.

=How our sessions work=

6:45-7:45pm - 1hr Games only session

This session gives an extra games time for members who are coming for coaching from 7:30pm. complete beginners and those who are not familiar with basic rules are expected to get some coaching first. This session is for all levels (except complete beginners) and both lower and higher level members can benefit from learning to play doubles games.

6:45-9:45 - 3hr Games only session

Games only session without coaching. This session is for intermediate upwards only.

7:45-9:45pm - Coached sessions

Coached sessions consist of 1hr coaching and 1hr games. Members will be divided into two groups. All first timers should first get a spot for [No title/...] Coached session regardless of their current levels. They will have a chance to be assessed on the day to be allocated to appropriate groups and then further confirmed after the sessions. All members either get a "title" under their account name or stay as no-titled. Those who already have a "title" of "Mercury" upwards can sign up for [Mercury/...] Coached session straight away.

All other information such as fees and penalty rules are written in the description of each session page. Please read carefully before signing up. Everyone needs to RSVP each time and get a spot to join in any sessions.

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