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If you’ve have never screen printed before this is class makes for a perfect introduction with Mono printing and simple stencil printing.
Mono Printing is one of the most creative, spontaneous printing techniques used by printmakers to create unique individual artworks and prints
A monoprint is created by lifting an impression of inks from a prepared reusable surface which in the case of screen printing is the mesh of the screen itself. We begin the workshop by understanding the basics of creating a stencil using paper. Once properly prepared you can begin exploring varying inking techniques.Ink on to the mesh using different techniques like painting, spattering & blending,creating effect such as marbling, gradations and speckling otherwise known as the jackson pollock effect!

Initially you will experiment and explore with specific techniques and once comfortable you can start to create more complicated compositions interplaying these techniques. At the end of the session you should have completed a set of unique hand pulled Screen monoprints and stencil prints, perfect artworks for the home or gifts for someone special.
This session is a basic beginners level class. For more higher level session please check out our our follow up please visit www.theprintingtreestudio

Workshops run Mon/Wed 11am - 2pm £30/ session
All equipment and materials are provided.
Car parking facilities are available on premises

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