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Compassionate Communication or User Guide to NVC - with Natasha Hill
From young age we have been educated to compete, judge, criticise and demand, often communicating in very unhelpful ways that may create anger, misunderstanding, distrust and frustration. Nonviolent Communication is a powerful tool that can help you to transform your relationships with other people, and even with yourself. It enables you to shift from a world of blame, judgment and conflict, to a world of empathy, honesty, clarity and empowerment. In this workshop we will explore the basic concepts, practices and skills of NVC and we will practice using Compassionate Communication to: - connect to ourselves and other people in a more authentic way; - make requests that are more likely to be accepted; - transform patterns of thinking that lead to guilt, shame or anger. Agenda: 18:30 - Networking, food and drinks 19:00 – Natasha's workshop and Q&A 20:30 - More networking and drinks 21:00 - Departure About the speaker Natasha is an experienced and passionate Scrum Master, Professional and Agile Coach, servant-leader and Agile advocate from Expedia. She helps to grow teams and develop individuals. Fascinated by people and learning about their dynamics, motivators and inspirations, Natasha co-organises this group the Psychology of Agile Scrum, dedicated entirely to the real people in software development. Scrum Alliance User Group If you collecting education units with Scrum Alliance, please remeber we are endorsed with them. Our Sponsors is a website. And an App. But mostly, it’s a company full of people. And it’s our people who make better than any other website, app, or brand not named We are enterprising, intelligent and supportive. We work in an environment that encourages innovation, creativity and diversity; in the brand Technology Group we may speak DIFFERENT LANGUAGES but we all speak the SAME CODE. And when somebody says it can’t be done we don’t hear it. Every day we work to provide an unsurpassed booking experience. At not only do we LOVE TRAVEL, we LOVE TECHNOLOGY!

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    The Psychology of Agile Scrum is a friendly meetup for those who are passionate about real people in Agile and would like to develop Agile knowledge and skills, share industry insight and to delve deeper into human side of Agile software development.

    It is for Scrum masters, Agile Coaches, Agile Project Managers and other Agile professionals who are enthusiastic about human interactions in the world of software development.

    It also has a lot to offer for those who want to learn more about psychology of Agile development, interactions between team member in software development teams and how to be better leader and coach for your team.

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