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For the last 9 months a couple of peers and I have been teaching & coaching recruiters on agile & scrum, for FREE. We’ve all seen the curious “agile” roles & responsibilities advertised on LinkedIn & job boards. From the conflicted ScrumMaster/Product Owner role to the contradictory responsibilities of some sort of “agile manager” (my personal favourite: “must be able to deliver on time, on budget, full scope & NEVER compromise on quality). We decided to re-direct our frustration into a helping hand. We believe, that if we can work closely with committed recruiters & coach on the agile mindset, we may begin to see less “dodgy” (aka anti-pattern) roles in the UK market. We’d like to share with you what experiments we have run, what’s working, what is not working and how we are responding to some interesting challenges. You can find out more about our mission here:


--- About Jem ---

I'm a career ScrumMaster who's interested in a dogma free approach to scrum & agile. I've been lucky enough to work with over 30 scrum teams in the last decade, all with one thing in common: no matter how complex the technology or the product, every real problem is a human problem. I believe in the positive intent of humans & work hard to create environments which can bring the best out of teams. In my spare time I teach recruiters agile & have helped school teachers find better ways of working through eduScrum.

Linkedin Profile/ Blogs: Jem D'jelal @findjemdjelal