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LSUG May meetup

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Mikey C.


“Screw work let’s play!” Do you sometimes wish you could goof off work and play? In this interactive presentation, inspired by the theory and experience of play, we’ll demonstrate why play isn’t just essential for creativity and innovation, but crucial to our survival and overall well-being. We’ll begin with the definition of play based on a 6-step framework followed by an exploration of why we play and how we play. We’ll investigate the relationship of work and play and demonstrate how, instead of being mutually exclusive, both are necessary for personal and group creativity and achievement. We’ll finish off with useful guidelines for bringing more play into your life. And if you play your cards right, you’ll leave with plenty of ideas to achieve your recommended daily amount of play!


I'm proud to be able to host Portia Tung (, who will be leading a session called "Playmaking".

This time, we are hosted by Macmillan Cancer Support ( on the 11th floor. As always, please be sure you sign up with your full name either as your profile name or in the comments when you sign up. It helps us to avoid problems with security.

To help us with the cost of ordering pizzas and soft drinks we will be asking for a humble contribution of £2 at signup.

89 Alber Embankment · London SE1 7UQ
3 spots left