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Hey Lady B

Huge Hello To You
& Welcome to The London Spiritual Lady- Boss

This is your place to shine, your place to centre, your place to realign to your truth and mission and gain clarity of your purpose.

To be unfiltered, Raw & authentic
To shine your light & share you gifts
For Conscious conversations, connections & collaborations

A place of no holds barred for you to unleash and untame your DIVA your QUEEN.

A place for you to brag about your wins and be curious about your wobbles!

A place for you to just be you in all your magnificence and let go of false truths.

This is the home of The Diva, The Queen, The Bitch, The Gypsy, The Mystic, The Seer, The Coach The Reader, The Healer, The Channel

& all the marvellous beings in between!

This is your world stage for conscious co-creation of your life and business.

I, we welcome you with open arms.

We are all about readings, healings, coaching, workshops and gatherings for networking, personal & business development.

I will come in with free and paid, masterclasses, challenges, workshops, and oracle readings throughout the week/ help you create huge shifts in your life & biz Emotionally, Financially & most importantly Energetically.

Whatever floats ya boat, flicks your switch and tickles your fancy I know you will find it here!

I know you know its all about energy so whatever energy you put out there will come back to you.

Oh and who am I

I am Tina The Spiritual Cockney

Spiritual Teacher & Business Mentor
For the Intrepid Entrepreneur.
Guiding them to Emotional Freedom & Empowerment So they Speak Their Truth, Gain Clarity, Get Seen & Create MASSIVE Impact!

I have an every growing toolbox of certs & modalities which include
NLP Trainer, Life, Business & Youth Coach, Spiritual & LOA Coach, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher

And lets not forget my Psychic abilities and my laser focused questions that cut through your shadow like a hot knife through butter.

I have been through so many hard knocks, traumatic childhood, drug and alcohol abuse, cancer, ptsd, near nervous break down ( and these are just the highlights hahha) despite all of that shite I was carrying around I have still built myself a thriving business.

There really are NO EXCUSES to not be living the life you desire!

It's all about the energy please hi me up with a pm and introduce yourself and I hope to connect with you soon

Big Luv
Tina xx
The Spiritual Cockney

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