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What we’re about

This group is for anyone interested in IT Security: [white, black) hat hackers, penetration testers, software developers, hardware hackers, network engineers, and anyone {passionate|curious} about (legitimately) breaking and defending IT systems. We aim to have short, technical, informal talks/demos where everyone can share ideas, present something interesting and learn new things.

A hackers meetup organised by the community and for community.

Each member has a great mind and is a source of intellectual capital, so the goal is to bring these brilliant minds together to have fun, share and learn from each other in informal and easy-going gatherings.

Join us to meet an excellent mix of passionate and competent hackers.

Get Involved

We aim to invite talented speakers who are looking to give back to the community and to interact with the members.

Ideas to improve our events are very welcome; if there are topics you want to hear about, please shoot us a message.

We’re on the lookout for two enthusiastic Co-organisers - get in touch if you want to contribute and have fun.

The rules:

The rules are simple: 

• RSVP to attend an event. Change your status if you can’t attend.

• Keep it cool and be respectful to other group members.

Thank you and see you soon!