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Hello, Basically i hope the group will go to the pub and talk Star Trek in central London. I dont want this to be anything serious or over the top and I hope the group is welcome to everyone from if you are just getting into discovery to the veterans who have seen everything multiple times.

Look in all honesty i just want to drink a Romulan Ale and talk about Star trek in a pub and i'm pretty sure there are others in London who want to talk star trek with a beverage of their choice ( either alcohol or non alcohol) and then talk about star trek from why Rikers beard is a life goal for all men and how much coffee does it really take to get Janeway back from the Delta quadrant

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Hi All, time to dust off the view screens and open hailing frequencies for another online star trek meet up, to discuss all things trek As for the episode Trials and Tribbleations from Deep space 9 season 5 episode 6

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