What we're about

This group is for anyone who is interested in finding out more about a range of topics and subject areas by attending lectures and talks around London.

To start off with the group will be based around the the LSE lectures, which really are a fantastic series of lectures put on by the London School of Economics.

I love attending these lectures, especially as the majority of them are free, and I thought it would be really nice to be joined by some other people, and then to retire to a nearby pub or restaurant to discuss the topic, the lecture and just to catch up!

There are tons of LSE lectures, and I am not able to go to all of them, so this really is a group for all its members to co-operatively run- the list of LSE lectures is here;

If anyone sees a lecture that they think sounds interesting, feel free to list it as a meetup and see if anyone wants to sign up as well.

The group is not limited to LSE lectures- if anyone sees another talk or lecture that they think looks interesting, feel free to stick it up there.
Thanks for reading and hope to meet you soon :)

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The Power of Purpose - Living A Life You Love (Online Webinar)

PLS READ EVERYTHING!!! IMPORTANT: In addition to register here you will also need to register via Zoom before, see link! ----------------------------------------"------------------------------------ Dear friends! Most of the time, the crises we face are personal - playing out in the realm of our love, work, family and social lives. Then there are times when we face crises that are national or global in scope: affecting no one person, but all peoples. Times when the world around us seems suddenly unstable, and our species is united in anxiety. During such times, maintaining a sense of calm can seem harder than ever. Yet simultaneously, the task has never been so vital. In testing times, each of us should give ourselves the time and space to practice strategies for serenity - and to make use of these strategies soothe and reassure those we love. In that spirit, we will get together and talk about - “Finding and living your purpose”, - “Self-Compassion”, - “How to deal with loneliness”, - “How to overcome fears, blocks and concerns”, - “Fear of death”, - “Making sense of difficult times”, and any other topic coming up. Virtual/Online Event/You need to register here as well: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcpd-6gpz4tHdM600UipTKHRRf5HNDyWkZY See you there! Gemma About Dieter's philosophy - watch this short video: https://youtu.be/CIMtxF6JqI8

Lost it in Lockdown?

Online event

Are you feeling like you need to make a significant change in your life? What’s holding you back? Is that “I can’t do it” feeling based on…. • Lack of confidence • A feeling that you are not good enough • Fear of failure • Worry about what other people will say or how they will react • Not knowing where to start This FREE two hour session will guide you through a process called the Logical Levels of Change • It will enable you to align yourself completely to your new purpose • Recognise the skills you already have to achieve it • Show you some great techniques to overcome resistance and anxiety It will be a practical session with questions and a worksheet to help you integrate the learning and you will have it as a reference moving forward Feel empowered, confident and ready to make that first step Judy Bartkowiak is a five times published author of self-help books including ‘Self-Esteem Workbook’, ‘Secrets of the NLP Masters’, ‘NLP Workbook’ and ‘Be a happier parent with NLP’. She is an EFT and NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner working with clients worldwide supporting the changes they want to make in their life. • When her four children were pre-school, she set up a Montessori School in her home which she ran for 7 years alongside her Qualitative Market Research business. • Judy changed from a successful career in Market Research to set up NLP Kids in 2000 to follow her passion for supporting families through coaching using NLP, EFT and Art Therapy. • She volunteers with The Princes Trust supporting the Youth Enterprise programme helping young people set up their business • Aside from the books mentioned above, published by Hodder & Stoughton, Judy is the author of the Queens of Africa series which finances a programme of education for girls in Nigeria, two books about Danny the therapy dog which supports the Kennel club’s bark and Read scheme and a series of workbooks for families; children, tweens, teens and parents. Follow her on Instagram @nlpkids and Facebook and see Judy’s website www.nlpfamily for her programmes and for helpful blog posts. Meeting ID:[masked] Password: NLPEFT One tap mobile [masked],,[masked]#,,,,0#,,182630# United Kingdom [masked],,[masked]#,,,,0#,,182630# United Kingdom Dial by your location [masked] United Kingdom [masked] United Kingdom [masked] United Kingdom [masked] United Kingdom [masked] United Kingdom Meeting ID:[masked] Password:[masked]

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