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We will meet once a month to share information , education and an experiential journey delving into tantra, shamanism, sexuality and spirit.

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Master Your Pleasure UK | 7-day Pleasure Body Initiation | 28th Sep-4th Oct

MASTER YOUR PLEASURE 7-day Somatic, Tantric & Shamanic Pleasure Body Initiation 28th Sept - 4th Oct, 2020 - DEVON - UK Greetings from these quickly changing times We wanted to send you an update about the Master Your Pleasure week. At present, we intend, universe & legalities allowing for this event to unfold/run. If we are able to run the event, we will do so within the guidelines & recommendations that are in place at the time (September 22 – Oct 4, 2020) in the UK to be responsible with regards to personal safety & health. YOU CAN BOOK NOW. NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED We are also aware that a number of you are traveling from overseas & your own countries may have restrictions & quarantines in place at that time. Given quickly changing scenarios & the inability to predict where we will be at that time, we have adjusted & updated the registration process & also simplified the refund & cancellation policy for ease. Most updated information information available at https://www.ukista.com/mypuk2020 You'll be redirected to Master Your Pleasure registration site Welcoming you to Master Your Pleasure, Elaine & Bynoi MASTER YOUR PLEASURE Open, connect, master, and free pleasure in your body working with an 8-level pleasure model all the way from womb to sexual and spiritual bliss. We will take this journey into the pleasure bodies using a different number of techniques, exercises, rituals and meditations based on some modern-day specialities like sexological bodywork, conscious communication and consent and we will dive into a number of ancient wise temple arts including Tantra, Meditation and Shamanism. You will learn techniques and skills to masterfully reconnect yourself to pleasure whenever you choose to. A pleasure initiation engaging the mind, body, soul, heart, emotional body, elemental play and your inner child to reset your being and your neurology for safety, receptivity, permission, trust, healthy bonding and attachment, energetic and pleasure capacity. Who is the experiential intensive suitable for? • You have a desire for more pleasure in your life. • You find it difficult or impossible to experience pleasure without some external stimulus, another person, toys, imagery. • You are missing pleasure in certain parts of your life, for example your mind may be a place that has plenty of pleasure but you may be lacking it in your body or vice versa. • You are aware of addictive patterns around how you experience pleasure. • You have a knowing that you do not allow yourself to experience pleasure. • You have a knowing that there is more pleasure possible. • You have a good level of pleasure but you want to experience the maximum pleasure possible for yourself in this life, in this body. • You are afraid of pleasure or you feel guilty about experiencing pleasure. • You are great at giving pleasure to others, but struggle to allow yourself to receive pleasure. • You are a curious adventurer. • You have always put the needs of others above your own needs. • You have healed and moved on from many of your life challenges, you are no longer in pain or suffering, but you are still disconnected on some level from pleasure and/or expansive, ecstatic bliss remains elusive for you. • You are trapped in pain and suffering and learning to experience pleasure could be very healing for you. • You LOVE newer, different subtleties of pleasure. What are we offering you? This experiential intensive is an opportunity to immerse yourself in, to be held and guided in a strong safe container for 7 days. This container will move you through the many different forms and intensities of pleasure so that your mind, body and soul can reset, rewire, learn or re learn what pleasure is for you and how it feels. In the process your relationship to pleasure will be changed, reset and will have expanded on a neurological, cellular, somatic and mind level. You will have increased and heightened your pleasure limit or pleasure ceiling.

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