WEBINAR: Leave your mark on the future: General AI Challenge ++ Creative AI

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Hey TensorFlow'ers!

We are launching our first webinar with GoodAI guys who will teach us about General AI Challenge and run with you trough various tasks. The second session will be focused on how AI is applied in arts!


6:30 - 7:15 (UK time) - 1st session: Leave your mark on the future: General AI Challenge

7:15 - 7:45 (UK time) - 2nd session: Creative applications of machine learning

1) Leave your mark on the future: General AI Challenge (https://www.general-ai-challenge.org/)

On this webinar, GoodAI will introduce its General AI Challenge with $5M prize fund, aiming to tackle crucial research problems in human-level AI development.

General AI Challenge is an opportunity to contribute to mankind’s most exciting effort yet: general artificial intelligence.

In the recent years, interest in AI is quickly growing. The ultimate goal for many researchers is to develop a system that could perform as well as humans in a broad set of tasks, without having to be manually programmed for each. However, most of the recent successful stories are examples of so-called 'narrow AI' that can perform only on a single task.

Olga Afanasjeva (https://twitter.com/AfanasjevaOlga), Challenge Director, will explain the concept of the competition and the idea of 'citizen science', and GoodAI research team will be there to explain and demonstrate the tasks.

Sungmin Aum (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sung-min-aum-490a0147/)- Senior Research Scientist, Good AI

In the first round of the Challenge, you will be programming and training an AI agent that will engage in a dialogue with the CommAI-Env environment. They will exchange bytes of information, and in addition the environment will give feedback signals to the agent to guide its behavior. Your agent should demonstrate gradual learning—the ability to use previously learned skills to more readily learn new skills (and in this case, to answer questions generated by the environment).

GoodAI will provide you with a platform-independent (Win,Linux,Mac) set of training tasks that you can use as reference, implemented in CommAI-Env.

GoodAI (https://www.goodai.com/)

GoodAI is general artificial intelligence R&D company from Czech Republic, which is focused solely on general AI.


2) Creative Applications of Machine Learning

Over the past couple of years, there has been increasing interest in applying the latest advances in machine learning to creative projects in art, music, film, theatre and beyond. From Google's DeepDream and style transfer to the world's first computer-generated musical playing in London's West End, more and more creative AI projects are moving beyond the world of research and academia into the public eye. This talk will give an overview of creative projects using RNNs, ConvNets, GANs and other models.

About the speaker:

Luba Elliott (https://twitter.com/elluba?lang=en) is an artist, researcher and curator exploring the role of artificial intelligence in the creative industries. Trained as a human-centered designer and linguist, she has worked on several projects bridging the gap between the traditional art world and the latest technological innovations. Luba is currently working to engage the public with the latest developments in creative AI through monthly talks, tech demonstrations and art performances. She runs the Creative AI meetup (https://www.meetup.com/Creative-AI/).

Join the webinar on YouTube live stream HERE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vDNnGXL7ig)! Webinar starts at 6:30 PM (UK TIME) / 7PM (CET TIME), Wednesday, 26 April.

During the webinar we will have live chat on Youtube - plese post you questions there and the speakers will answer them during the webinar.

If you are watching the webinar after the live stream, feel free to leave a comment below the video and the speakers will get back to your questions shortly.


This meetup is supported by:

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As always, if you have any suggestions, or wish to share your knowledge, let us know!

Talk soon!