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We are "Twin Flames" and I can hear some of you sigh or say yeah yeah we have heard it all before and to tell you the truth Ian would have been exactly the same... You are right to cast the shadow of doubt as apparently it has been a buzz term... Many people try to convince themselves that they have found their life partner when actually it is just another relationship with a different person...

What makes us know that we are "Twin Flames" in the right definition of the term? Well we had never heard of this definition yet what happened was far from the ordinary. The magnetic energy that Ian and Ivana felt in their core rising up to their heart chakras when they embraced to say goodbye after a business meeting having only ever met face to face nearly 3 years previously was an extraordinarily magical moment.

Ian was far from spiritual and could be called a complete non believer up until that point where Ivana had done much work on herself to enable her to find "the one" whom she could spend the rest of her life with. This moment completely changed Ian's perspective and based on that one meeting and their first initial contact some two/three weeks later via text message Ivana declared that she "loved" Ian, a revelation that nobody expected.

Ian and Ivana have experienced the runner and chaser elements of a "Twin Flame" relationship together with all the amazing highs and crushing lows but they have come out the other side, something other 'Twin Flames" in their own admission would acknowledge as being somewhat of a miracle in itself. They have lifted up the mirror to each others souls and learned incredibly powerful life lessons that have enabled them to grow, develop, and be in the strongest position to help others on their journey to creating a higher level of attractiveness, better and longer lasting relationships, and putting them in a unique position to finding that life partner.

Both Ian and Ivana are Personal Transformational Coaches with a high level of understanding around psychology, spirituality that helped Ivana throughout her journey with Ian, and most importantly they bring unique and individual perspectives from the runner and chaser whilst merging their personal stories into one so that deep transformational change can occur at both the individual and collective levels of your own relationships.

This group is for those wanting to create a higher vibrational energy with deeper personal learnings about oneself so that you are able to shift to a higher perspective and attract the man or woman that you desire. Loving yourself is first and then once a solid foundation has been built Ian and Ivana will be your guides to prepare you for living simultaneously in harmony with another person no matter how rough the ride we will ensure you create the space to reach the light at the other end.

With Love and Abundance,

Ian and Ivana


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