LUUG 17 : Moshi It To Me, Baby.

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It's been a while since our last LUUG post (, but we're back.

Let's be honest, the lack of LUUG in 2013 has left you thinking "is it really 2013? Doesn't feel like it?. So, here we are, ready to get 2013 started, like, properly started.

We've hinted in tweets that this is going to be a 'special' and 'different' LUUG, and it is. You might have already noticed this from the info above, but we've got a new venue. So there's the 'different' part sorted.

The kind, lovely, ( and slightly crazy) people over at the new Mind Candy HQ asked if we'd like to have LUUG with them, so we agreed.

I'm not sure if it was the promise of food and snacks or the fact that they HAVE A SLIDE that swung it in their favour...probably the slide... but we felt it would be rude to refuse such a kind invitation.

So what's happening at LUUG in February? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Byron Atkinson-Jones (Xiotex Studios).

Xiotex Studios is a creation of Byron Atkinson-Jones, a game developer with over 20 years of experience making games. Byron has worked for notable studios like Electronic Arts and Lionhead before moving into the independent field and working for PomPom and Introversion.

Recently, Byron has been working on CSF, and he's going to use his time at LUUG to talk about the development and also his super-cheap, super-awesome full-screen iOS image effects.

Oscar Clark - Designing For Discovery

Discovery continues to be the hot topic in the industry, especially on mobile, with too many great games going unnoticed because they don't get the promotion we think they deserved. But the fact is that the most effective distribution still comes from Word of Mouth. This has to start with the game itself delivering magical moments players want to share.
This session will demonstrate through a series of videos how moving images can deliver better games and better discovery.

Speaker Bio: Oscar Clark, Evangelist for Applifier, the leading mobile games cross-promotion network, has been involved with putting social and games together since 1998. His career has been at the cutting edge of online, mobile and console social games and includes roles at British Telecom (Wireplay), Hutchinson Whampoa (3UK), PapayaMobile and Sony's PlayStation Home.

Open Mic

Open mic is turning in to the best part of LUUG, and we're sure to have a whole load of people wanting to show work at this one...So, if you've got something you want to show, just bring it along and show us.

Open mics aren't only used for Unity projects, so if there's anything else you want to bring to the attention of LUUG members that you think might interest them, then you can do that too.

The Pub

We've not chosen a pub yet, but there's roughly 483 in the area, so we'll decide on that close to the date.

The Special Bit

This is going to be Russ' last event as LUUG organiser (YAY/BOO). After nearly 2 years and 17 LUUG events later, Russ feels that it's about time the torch was passed on (that's exactly what he feels, because he's writing this in the third person). So, we'll use this to say a quick goodbye to Russ, and a MASSIVE HELLO to Cat Burton, who is going to be LUUG LEADER (official title) for the next LUUG events.

Free Stuff!

We've teamed up with the lovely folks at MegaFiers to five away a free license for the MegaFiers asset store package. We'll be drawing a raffle during the night, so you have to attend in order to win.

You can check it out by watching the video on Youtube (


Incredibly excited for this event, and there's even more to announce in the run up, so we'll keep you informed.

Please remember to RSVP if you're coming, as it'll make it much easier on the mind candy people if we can give them an as accurate list of potential attendees as possible.

See you soon!

Team LUUG.