LUUG49 - Happy Birthday Alice Cooper.

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Joe Bain: Gearboxes and Gas Pedals: Car Physics in Unity

Taking you through Unity's wheel colliders, how they work with the physics system, and how you can use them to build vehicles in your game. I'll also cover how to add advanced details like gear boxes and traction control to make your car more believable and fun. I'll finish off with approaches to tuning your car's handling and how to get a deeper understanding of car physics in general.

Perforce - Unity Personal Edition with Helix Cloud, Perforce Helix and P4Connect

Free toolchain to start your amazing game with up to 5 team members

In this quick demo we will demonstrate how easy it is to set up a free account in Helix Cloud, connect Unity to it via P4Connect and start collaborating.

Some ideas start small: a few developers, no office or money for fancy hardware or software tools, but with a great idea and the burning desire to create something new. Once a working proof-of-concept has been created money can be found to provide the necessary hardware and licenses, but how do you start the process?