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LUUG 14 : "Bows and arrows against the lightning..."

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Everybody, after 3...

LOCATION : K2 Building, room VG06.

We're back! And we're exactly the same as ever. Awesome! The next event is going to take place on August 30th, at the usual venue of South Bank University and The Ship.

So, we had a month off, which wasn't entirely intentional, but some things just didn't quite work out, so we figured it best we just slip away into the shadows for a little while. We figured you might also needed an extra long break after the BRAINGASM that you experienced after the talks from Ben, Duncan and Mike.

So what's coming up this month?

LUUG 14 :

George Buckenham : Behold, the might of the shader!

Have you ever wondered what a shader is? Have you ever yearned to write one yourself? Have you ever wished that you could then apply that shader to your entire game? In this short talk, noted designer George Buckenham will show you how. Thrill to the stunning spectacle of a pixelation effect! Gasp in awe as a game is rendered in sepia! Shudder in bewilderment at a cheap "flashback" ripple effect!

George is a game designer/developer and an all-round nice guy. You can follow him on twitter, y'know? (

Colossal Games : Commando Jack

London based Colossal Games recently launched Commando Jack on iOS and have been getting excellent reviews. In this talk Colossal Games will be dicussing some of the main development challenges their small team faced in creating the game.

Commando Jack is available from the App Store ( and is universal, which is nice.

Unite '12 : "...they haven't seen the heat ray yet"

LUUG takes place only a few days after the end of Unite '12, the Unity conference that is taking place in Amsterdam. For those that aren't able to attend, then hopefully we can at least fill a small part of that Unite shaped hole in your heart. We'll be showing as much new stuff as we possibly can, so you won't want to miss it!

Open Mic

If you've got a project to show, or a job opportunity to talk about, then this is your chance to show us. We'll give you the stage and a couple of minutes, and you give us...THE WORLD. Okay, maybe not the world, but we'd love to see what people are up to. You just need a PC/Mac with VGA connection or a USB with the project on...

If you want to arrange a little bit more time, then send us an email and we'll do whatever we can to accomodate you.


So, there you have it, the most jam-packed LUUG line-up we've ever had! We're almost on the verge of upsetting the Daily Mail with the diversity we have on show!

As ever we move onto The Ship on Borough Road afterwards, so make sure you join us there!

All the best,