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This group is for you if you are not looking for the latest model or strategy created to help you deal or cope with your struggle. If you are ready to hear something that will have a profound effect on your well-being then you’re in the right place.

The Three Principles is a unique approach to psychological wellbeing that has been gathering momentum all over the world for the past forty years. The Three Principles are:

o Mind - the energy behind everything
o Consciousness - brings awareness of a thought
o Thought - how we make our way through life

The Principles are the foundation, without the Principles we would not have the human experience we call life. The human mind is limitless and we are all built with everything we need to live our best lives. All that happens is we forget how to use our inbuilt tools. We get caught up with what we think our lives should be. We get disappointed because we are not in the job or the house we dreamed we would be at whatever age we thought we would be. Understanding the Principles gets you to the heart of the matter, it circumvents the need for systems or techniques.

This group is for you if you're feeling lost, not feeling your usual confident self, having low moods, suffering from anxiety or depression. If none of these applies to you, but you have a niggling feeling that you are missing something or just was to learn something that will have a positive impact on your life. Then this group is also for you.

Relationships can sometimes appear challenging, whether it's that you can't seem to agree on anything or that things have gotten so bad that you are thinking of separating. You may be having issues with a colleague or going through a difficult time with a family member. Don't despair; there is hope, no matter how bad you think things are.

An understanding of the principles offers you the opportunity​ to see new possibilities, maximise your potential and live your best life.

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