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The London Wiccans Meetup - Under New Management !

The London Wiccans Meetup exists to provide a forum for London based Wiccans to meet, train in and practice the Wiccan tradition. This meetup group is under new management and we will be focused on providing structured training in Wicca leading to the opportunity for members to practice with us. We will also be providing public talks and trips in the London area and beyond.

We have meetings in Central London to allow people to connect with the group but we are a strongly connected network and also meet separately from the events on Meetup which act as an entry point to the Wiccan tradition.

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Watsapp Group Now Open and Remote Full Moon Sabbat for London Wiccans

In order to support the London Wiccans we have established a Watsapp group to help those in this group who want to connect with Wiccans. This group is a place where Wiccans and seekers can communicate. This Watsapp group will be used to co-ordinate a remote Full Moon Sabbat starting at sunset on Wednesday 2nd September. If you wish to join this group please visit the following site and we will connect you to it, or click on to this event and we will contact you http://sevenmoons.weebly.com/watsapp-group.html We will set up other events for members in this area off the back of our Watsapp network.

13 Knots Wicca Course: Course Books' Review and Picnic

Colliers Wood

Please note that attendance at this event is arranged through our Watsapp groups, the location will not be released here. Access to our Watsapp groups is here https://sevenmoons.weebly.com/watsapp-group.html This is due to Covid19 which makes it complex to coordinate events. We will shortly be starting a new group of students on our two year Wicca course, the 13 Knots. This will begin with a book review. This event will be held in a park close to the underground. It will be a review of books that can be read in preparation for beginning the course. The course will begin in September. It covers a wide range of areas that are central to Wiccan practice including circle casting, the Wiccan calendar, astrology, tarot, alchemy, spell work and the history of Wicca. We expect to hold a number of these events to explain the detail of the course to those who are interested in studying Wicca in depth. Those looking to join the course will be expected to attend one of these events. Due to social distancing regulations there are special arrangements for this events. Those attending will be split into groups of no more than six which will be separated for this event. The book review will be run in conjunction with a picnic and there will be multiple organisers. The book details will be provided to all of the attendees in these smaller groups. In the event of rain we will move to a nearby pub but will sit outside under their umbrellas. Anyone who registers for this event will be requested to join our Watsapp group which is being used to coordinate the attendance. We look forward to seeing you at this event.

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London Wiccans Meetup

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