WooCommerce - weekly hour of Woo


We welcome all levels and interests as there is always something to learn and share. Please join us for a weekly London WooCommerce Meetup on Zoom.

We will be joined by Jono from Yoast and we will have the opportunity to discuss SEO and e-commerce.

This hour will be filled with WooCommerce related topics including news, plugin demos, new skills, interviews, and presentations.

12:50 - Open the Zoom room for some open conversations amongst the early ones joining

13:00 - Welcome and intros

13:10 - News and Skills

13:20 - Showcase - chat with Jono

13:40 - Q&A's

13:55 - Announcements

14:00 - Woo-Wave

(Programme may vary and with more details on content to follow.)

So grab your coffee, join in for your Weekly London Woo fix!