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WordPress London Meetup - February

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We're spreading a little WordPress love at this months WordPress London Meetup and it's your chance to get involved. The #wpldnBuild ( needs you!

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A design process for our community project.

Learn about our suggested design process and how you can get involved in the #wpldnBuild.

Presented by Tammie Lister ( Tammie works at Automattic, the company behind She works on the theme team and focuses on theme UX. She has a varied background including psychology, design, front end development and user experience. Follow her @karmatosed (

Making a simple quiz plugin using React and the WP REST API

If you’ve ever wanted to build something, anything, with the WordPress REST API but were not sure where to start or what to build, try making a plugin for a simple single page app like a quiz.

In this talk, I'll go over the tools used and resources needed for me to learn enough to make a simple quiz plugin using the WP REST API and React having never used either before. I’ll spend some on the pain points (spoiler: not WP REST API related), what just worked, what needs to be improved and what I still need to learn. This is not a how-to talk, it’s more of a you-could-do-this-too-so-go-for-it talk meant to inspire you to try it for yourself.

Presented by JJ Jay ( JJ is a freelance full stack developer in London who makes custom websites for clients. Her first paid work on the internet was with Mumsnet in 2005, after which she careened through CMS’s before settling on WordPress with relief. She holds degrees in chemistry from Purdue where she made things and University of Chicago where she played with numbers. Follow her @tharsheblows ( (especially if you like books)

Lightning Talks.

It's all about you and your experiences with WordPress. Time to get centre stage and give public speaking a try.

Follow #wpldn ( on Twitter for all the latest and like us on Facebook ( to take the conversation further. Have a talk you'd like to present? We'd love to hear from you:

St John Street, · London, EC1V 4PB
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