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Yijing / I Ching (易經 / 周易) can be translated as the Book of Changes or the Classic of Changes. It is a collection of writings from ancient China, the oldest of which are around 3000 years old. The wisdom of the Yijing explores timeless themes of the natural world, constantly changing patterns of life, situations and action that are still just as relevant to life in the modern world.
Ancient Chinese rulers used the system for divination. Through consulting the I Ching system as an oracle, surprising insight can often be gained into situations and decisions.

This meetup is open to anybody with an interest in the Yijing. Whether your interest in the Yijing is historical, philosophical, spiritual, psychological or any other, you are most welcome to join us.
There is a wide range of experience in the society from newcomers to experts, so whether you only have basic knowledge, or have been studying the Yijing for years, come along!
Meeting formats:Focus Meetings: More structured, with a topic and usually a presentation, then discussion and example readings. (The Ding or Cauldron: transforming our understanding).
Social Meetings: More informal, no specific agenda other than chatting, networking and sharing ideas about the I Ching. (The Jing or Well: nourishing social structure).

Suggested Readings:
The I Ching Handbook: A Practical Guide to Logical and Personal Perspectives from the Book Of Change by Edward Hacker
I Ching or Book of Changes by Richard Wilhelm (Translator), Cary F Baynes (Translator), C.G. Jung (Foreword)
Zhouyi: A New Translation with Commentary of the Book of Changes by Richard Rutt
I Ching: The Tao of Organization: Translated by Thomas Cleary from the work of Cheng Yi (1033-1107)
The Mandate of Heaven: The Hidden History of the I Ching: by SJ Marshall