What we're about

We’re in the very early stages of setting up a London co-housing project and are looking for people who are interested in living in a co-housing environment, who can contribute to the shared values and principles and help drive this project forward.

We’re very much learning as we go along, having so far attended several community housing workshops and meetings.

If you think this is something you might be interested in, come along to our first meeting to find out more and ask any questions you have.

Who are we?

Currently we are Elizabeth, Virpi and Virpi’s three month old son, the adorable Timo.

What is co-housing?

Co-housing means different things to different people. The co-housing space we’re wanting to build consists of individual self-contained flats with a communal area where we get together for meals once or twice a week and where we can have exercise classes, watch films, listen to talks etc.

Virpi is self-employed and I’m self-employed part time and we want the communal space to also be a co-working space but you don’t have to be interested in the co-working side of things to join us.

It’s also important to us that the communal space be open to the wider community so those that live locally can join us for things such as exercise classes, films etc.

What are our values / principles?

These will be fleshed out and agreed upon as other people join us but so far:

* This project is open to anyone interested in a co-housing lifestyle. Anything else about you is irrelevant.
* To build a space that has minimal impact on the environment and is sustainable.
* That everyone involved has acceptance and respect for diversity in every facet of life.

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Find out more about our ideas for a London co-house / co-working space

Are you interested in living in a co-house in London? We're in the very early stages of setting up a London co-house project and are looking for others who are interested in joining us. We'd like to share the ideas we have for our co-housing / co-working space and see if it's something you might like to get involved in. For those that couldn't make the first meeting we can have a quick discussion about what co-housing means for us and then move on to what our shared values might look like for this co-house. This meeting will be in a quiet spot at the Southbank centre - more precise details to follow. Looking forward to seeing / meeting you and if you have any questions, just ask.

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