Friends & coffee meetup


NOTE: I've put the 'official' start time back 10 mins as I'm a bit delayed and it'll probably take people a while to find us and the cafe: we'll be on tge roof!

Though not everyone on the list will attend, it's likely there will not be seats for everyone and we'll gradually split up a bit: I also won't be able to respond to everyone if people can't find us, so please check the comments: I'll post to say where we are when we're settled.

We'll be meeting on the roof of the St James' park cafe. Go to your left when you're facing the cafe and there are wooden stairs up- we'll try to sit at the very end of the roof. If you aren't used to this park, it may take a while to find depending on the entrance you use.

Please check the comments below as I'll post to say exactly where we are.

We'll meet from 3 this time, and will be there at least a few hours. Please do buy a drink: if lots of people don't buy anything, the cafe will be well within their rights to ask all of us to leave.

As always, new people are always welcome- it's generally around 50% first-time​ members and 50% returning people - just come along and say hello; there are no set discussion topics etc, it's just to meet people and chat.

Hope to see you there!