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Speaker 1: Stefan Leutenegger. Lecturer in Robotics, Imperial College (; Co-Founder of SLAMcore (

Title: “Models and Learning for Real-Time Robotic Spatial Perception”

Abstract: Spatial perception is a core enabler of exciting mobile robotics application – from home robots to drones. Recent years have seen tremendous progress of Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) and 3D scene understanding, increasingly influenced by deep learning. Stefan will go through some of his research and applications in this exciting space.

Bio: Stefan's track record is comprised of aerial robot design and autonomous operation, sparse and dense multi-sensor SLAM systems such as OKVIS and ElasticFusion, as well as joint geometric and semantic scene understanding.


Speaker 2: Iasonas Kokkinos, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science @ UCL; Research Scientist at Facebook AI Research (FAIR)

Title: "DensePose: Dense Pose Estimation In The Wild"

Abstract: In this talk I will present recent work on establishing dense correspondences between 2D images and 3D surface models ``in the wild'', namely in the presence of background, occlusions, and multiple objects. I will start by describing DenseReg and DensePose, two recently introduced systems for this goal which operate at multiple frames per second on a single GPU. Time permitting I will cover more recent works on extending such techniques to unsupervised learning.

Bio: Iasonas' research interests are at the intersection of computer vision and deep learning, aiming at the development of models that unify problems of structured prediction with deep learning, as well as multi-task learning. He publishes and reviews regularly in the major computer vision conferences (CVPR,ICCV,ECCV); he has served multiple times as Area Chair and has been Associate Editor for CVIU and IJVC.


Location: One Alfred Place ( - 2nd Floor / WC1E 7EB

18:00: Doors open / meet and greet

19:00 - 19:45: 1st talk

20:00 - 20:45: 2nd talk

22:00: Close

A limited amount of food and drink will be provided on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis. Food will also be available to order on the day.

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