What we're about

The London Dutch Language Meetup Group welcomes Dutch speakers of all levels. We hold one or more social events every month where members get a chance to meet and speak to each other in Dutch. It's just as much about culture as about Language, and for many of our Dutch and Belgian members it's a way of making friends and feeling in-touch with home. For others who are learning the language, there is the opportunity to listen and practise speaking in a relaxed friendly environment. There is no charge for membership nor for the monthly Meetups.


Q: I'm worried that I'm a beginner, or my Dutch is rusty, or won't be up to the level of the others. Should I come to the next Meetup? Will I still be able to join in?

A: Certainly, yes. We have people of all levels at every Meetup. There's no fixed format to the evening; just chat with as many people as possible and switch in and out of English as you need to. Everyone helps everyone else.

Q: I don't speak any Dutch at all yet. Can I come to the Meetup?

A: Yes. Our Dutch and Belgian members can all speak good English so you'll be fine. Plus, as well as beginners in the language, Dutch and Belgians regularly bring their partners and friends who just want to socialise or talk a bit about the cool culture in those countries, so you won't be the only one speaking English all night. You might want to share any Dutch words and phrases you do know. ...or just enjoy a drink and chat. No pressure at all.

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