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June Gophers, online!

Half-way through the year and another half to go. We hope everyone is ok and staying safe. But in the meantime why not come hang out with your fellow gophers at a safe distance!

...join us in June, online! 🎉🙌🏻

We will be hosting a virtual meetup via our YouTube http://youtube.com/londongophers .

We will also be trying out a social afterwards using Google Meet!

Presenters will be using a Zoom Pro account to present many thanks to GoBridge for sponsoring this for all meetups to use during those difficult times. 🙏🏻

🗣 Bartek Plotka - Optimizing Go for Clouds: Practical Intro

Making cloud-native Go code performant usually requires deeper knowledge. In some cases, it also compromises readability.

Fear not! In this talk, you will learn how to easily approach performance topics for cloud applications written in Go, how to gather meaningful data, decide and improve your Go code in order to meet your server performance SLA. All without sacrificing important property for which we all love Go: simplicity and readability.

🗣⚡️ TBD - TBD

🗣 Michael Munday - Portable Gophers

Go was designed from the start to be able to run on just about anything. In this talk we’ll investigate the art of cross compilation and demonstrate some of the simple steps you can take to design your Go programs and libraries so that they work well on everything from a single board computer to a mainframe.

We'll have our usual breaks, raffles and the conundrum too, so make sure to install zoom ahead of time! We'll upload all the talks afterwards to our YouTube channel https://youtube.com/londongophers as usual.


Joining details:

🔴 Make sure you have zoom installed on your computer.
ℹ️ We’ve set the webinar to not require a registration from you so you shouldn’t need a zoom account to join 🙌.
⚠️ We’ll be live-streaming and recording the meetup. We’ll make sure to not include attendee videos in that, but just wanted to make you aware of that. The purpose of recording it is to put up the talks only on our YouTube channel later on. The rest of the recording (non-talk bits) will be discarded and not uploaded anywhere (just like our normal physical meetups).
🔕 We’ll mute everyone during the talks - please ask any questions using the Q&A chat instead.
🗣 Use the “raise your hand” option if you’d like to say something during the break / conundrum 👍.
⏸ We’ll have a short break halfway through the meetup to allow you to grab a drink / go to the bathroom etc.
⏰ Start at 7pm.


📜 All London Gophers events operate under the Go Community Code of Conduct - https://golang.org/conduct

💼 Jobs - #london-jobs (slack) and https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/london-gophers (email list)

🏆 Everyone attending the event will have a chance to win a JetBrains license valid for a year!

📣 If you'd like to give a talk at a future meetup, don't be shy! We are always looking for new speakers who want to share their adventures with Go and have mentors who can help. Do get in touch! We’ll be happy to support you and offer advice if needed 🙂.

👏🏻 Recurring Sponsors
Tyk - https://tyk.io/

🤗We're looking for more recurring sponsors - please get in touch with us! For more info see here: https://github.com/LondonGophers/admin/tree/master/sponsorship