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The London Intellectual Dark Web is a group for freethinking individuals to meet each other and socialise on a regular basis.

We're organised here on meetup but if you don't want to join, click here to get our newsletter ➡️ ✉️ 💌 (https://www.tinyletter.com/LondonIDW)

Our meetups are a friendly and engaging event for any idea to be shared, discussed and examined in good faith.

Our meetup is recommended for anyone who is interested in the ideas or work of:

• Jordan Peterson
• Jonathan Haidt
• Claire Lehmann
• Quillette.com (https://quillette.com)
• Dave Rubin
• Eric Weinstein
• Bret Weinstein
• Heather Heying
• Ben Shapiro
• Christina Hoff Sommers
• Owen Benjamin
• Dr. Debra Soh
• Douglas Murray
• Ayaan Hirsi Ali
• Maajid Nawaz
• Sargon of Akkad
• Yaron Brook
• Michael Shermer
• Joe Rogan
• And more...

* * *

Topics for discussion aren't limited, but typically span:

• Psychology and biology
• History and future of Western civilisation
• Enlightenment and renaissance ideas and thinking
• Gender and sexuality
• Economics and the good/bad aspects of capitalism
• Politics and political discourse
• Philosophy and literature
• Immigration and multiculturalism
• The UK, Europe and the EU

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