• Kwazy Kwarantine Kwiz #15: could I see the rulebook?

    Online event

    The instructions: - Sign up and an online address for the event will be provided. No one not signed up or not participating in the quiz will be admitted. Note: the exact meetup address may change from week to week. - Join us at there at 7 promptly. Be on time, because we are not waiting for you. Late arrivals and spectators will not be admitted. - In the meeting, your Kwizmaster will give you a PIN. In a separate tab or window, go to http://kahoot.it and enter the PIN that will be given to you in the meeting. - We will banter and deliver the kwestions in the online meeting, you will choose your answers on the web at kahoot. So you will need to have two browser windows open, or get the questions via your computer and do your answers via your phone, etc. - Kwestions will be weird, unfair, poorly researched, possibly inaccurate, and full of in-jokes, gimmicks and references. That is the tradition. - I can't do anything about poor internet connections, debugging your browser, your poor general knowledge, etc.

  • LoBsterCon XX: The Future

    Queens Hotel

    Our bi-annual trip to the seaside! We cram a hotel full of LoBsters and play games for three to four days straight. FEEL FREE TO SIGN-UP HERE TO LET PEOPLE KNOW YOU'RE COMING BUT YOU MUST BUY A PACKAGE OR A TICKET FROM LOBSTERCON.UK TO BE ADMITTED TO THE EVENT. ****PLEASE NOTE THE NEW HOTEL**** Hotel Packages and Gaming Passes will go on sale later this year on our website: LoBsterCon.co.uk Hotel Packages and Gaming Passes will be on sale from 1st July 2020 on our website: LoBsterCon.co.uk Packages include (per person): Four-Day Gaming Pass Hotel Accomodation (bed and breakfast at the Cumberland Hotel, Eastbourne) for 2 nights (Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun) Entry into our famous Raffle. Prices: Single Room Package - £90 Double/Twin Room Package (1 person) - £135 Double/Twin Room Package (2 people) - £180 Extra Night Add-Ons - £45 per person per night Four-Day Gaming Pass Only - £22 (available until the week before the event) Day Tickets - £8 (on the door) Email us if you have any questions or problems: [masked] A limited number of rooms will be available on Thursday evening and a gaming space will be open on Thursday night and Monday daytime.