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London, 17

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May 14, 2017


I don't do Basements!!!!! 😀

What is your favourite game?

I prefer Euro's, I like hidden Movement Game's, I like Social/Party Game's, I will occasionally Play Card drafting Game's, I struggle with 'Area Control' Games (but occasionally like the challenge), & I am very picky with Social Deduction (I generally only Play one's that take less than 8.5 Minutes 'Per Game'!)!!! My top 5: Le Havre, Gaia Project, Village, Architect's of The West Kingdom & Lord's of Waterdeep!!! I also quite like; Anachrony, Letters from Whitechapel, Furry of Dracula, Spyfall, The Voting Game, Bucket of Doom (don't own), What's your Number & Uwe Rosenberg Game's!!!

Serious or silly?

I am very Serious at being very Silly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How did you hear about London on Board?

At my Local Boardgames Meetup!