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Quantified Self London Show&Tell #61
Many thanks to Professor Blaine Price and the Open University who kindly arranges the venue at their London location in Camden. If you would like to give a short talk at this meetup or at a future one, please email me at [masked]. Thank you! We provide a list of attendees before the meetup for the usual reasons of security etc, so do keep your status updated if you can. As always, I do understand work or family commitments interfere with the best intentions... but letting us know if you can't make it and amending your status is always appreciated. A London QS meetup consists a mixture of socialising and being able to talk to others and Show & Tell where people present or simply talk for 10-15 mins about their experience and experiments with self-tracking, quantifying and self-hacking whether it involves devices, applications or not. (Please read the guidelines for speakers and presenters below.) We will start at 6.30pm with actual talks, if there are speakers, at 7pm, giving you time to meet other people and settle in. This part lasts till about 8.30 depending on how the discussion goes. We then move to a nearby pub, which is an essential and integral part of the meetup, as important as the first 'Show & Tell' one. If you can join us, I very much encourage you to do so. Not only it's always good fun, the conversations are equally interesting. Guidelines for presenters & speakers at London QS meetups: Do let me know if you would like to do a short talk, 10-15 mins. Personal perspective on your experience with data gathering, self-tracking or analysis is important. Simple '3rd party' presentations about devices or applications not always welcome. If you want to talk about a product or service, feel free to do so as long as it is from a personal perspective - covering how you personally have used it, for how long, what you have learnt, what data you have gathered and how you have benefited etc. If you haven't used a device or application personally but still want to talk about it, you can do so after attending a London QS meetup at least once before you present. This is because we assume (rightly or wrongly) that having met the people in the community and seen how the meetup works, it makes it harder to subject us to commercial and marketing pitches. One can but hope. Important note on logistics: There is usually someone checking names from the list of attendees at the entrance. Please make sure you stop to do that and then proceed to the space where meetup takes place. I usually try to be there a bit earlier. We do try to start on time, though I understand work and London travel can interfere with that. We always wait a few minutes if it looks like most people haven't made it yet. If you know you are going to be late and get the chance, you can text me on my mobile:[masked]. Thank you. Look forward to seeing you at the next meetup.

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    The London Quantified Self group is part of the Quantified Self movement started in 2008 by Gary Wolf and Kevin Kelly in the Bay Area. The London meetup is organised by Adriana Lukas ( or @adriana872).

    This is a regular meeting with show and tell talks for people who use self-tracking tools and methods to gain more knowledge about themselves, self-awareness and change of behaviour.

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