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Meet local people interested in the Semantic Web, an initiative by the W3C (http://www.w3c.org) to make the web "one giant database": The Data Web. The meetup format is inspired by my experience with foafcamp's and unconference style community events. Please be advised that this is a non-anonymous group.

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Please be advised that all public data of this meetup will be published as linked data on the world wide web. By acknowledging this welcome message you agree to this practice. If you have any questions about this practice please don't hesitate to ask the organizer of the group.

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20 Years of Jena - A Java API for RDF

Online event

On Monday August 28, 2000 Brian McBride a researcher and HP employee at Bristol Labs in the UK announced "Jena - A Java API for RDF" on the W3C RDF Interest Group mailing list. Having examined existing tools at the time and contemplated new ideas for a RDF API dedicated to the Java ecosystem Brian felt the community was ready for a standardised set of tools to develop Semantic Web applications. Last but not least to help encourage the adoption of RDF. An open source project dedicated to the emerging Semantic Web activity at the W3C, long before the project became a top level Apache project on April 18 in 2012, simply known as Jena. Jena today is more than an approximation or just true to the word Java implementation of the RDF specifications. Over the years many new innovations were introduced that shaped the RDF tooling and Semantic Web landscape itself significantly. Among them are query languages for RDF, efficient storage support and a HTTP RDF server enabling RESTful SPARQL endpoints just to mention a few. It is no surprise that many of the concepts behind these contributions later found their way into W3C recommendations, the highest form of endorsement by the W3C. Other innovations entered the RDF world as independent contributions in the form of extensions to the core project such as GeoSPARQL, JenaBeans and many more. All enabled and inspired by the availability of an open core set of features found in the Jena API. At this lotico event we are going to celebrate and recall some of the Jena milestones and learn from community members and project contributors about past developments and the state of the art. Details: http://www.lotico.com/index.php/Jena_XX

JSON for Linking Data: JSON-LD 1.1

Online event

At this Lotico event will give an overview of JSON-LD with a focus on changes introduced in the 1.1 version recently released as a W3C Recommendation. Prior experience with JSON-LD is recommended, but not required. JSON-LD has emerged as the most widely used RDF serialization format, largely due to its adoption in the Search Engine Optimization community, but is also suitable for developers with no knowledge of Linked Data principles. For more information, see json-ld.org, where a copy of this presentation will be available along with numerous other resources on JSON-LD. Gregg Kellogg has been working on Linked Data for over ten years and has contributed to numerous RDF standards efforts, including JSON-LD, RDFa, Microdata, and CSV on the Web. Previously, Gregg has worked in areas as diverse as UNIX Operating System kernels, Media Delivery platforms, and participated in the .com frenzy of the ’90’s. Gregg lives in beautiful Marin County, California with his artistic wife and two dogs where he spends whatever time remains from working on RDF projects teaching Scuba diving and photographing interesting marine life. Details: http://www.lotico.com/index.php/JSON_for_Linking_Data:_JSON-LD_1.1

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The Many Shapes of SHACL

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