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• Clear the blocks to full aliveness in your womanly body

• unlock the doors to your sexual awakening

• Feel a deep intimacy with your body, essence and all of life

Dear embodied woman,

So many of us enter this year with a strong desire - a yearning - to let life, love, sensuality and pleasure flow through us with more ease. And yet, there are blocks in the way that keep us from the flow that we know is possible - even if we have never experienced it in our lives.

I have spent more than a decade supporting women in identifying and clearing the main obstacles to accessing the flow of sensual and sexual aliveness in our bodies, our lives and our relationships.I would love to welcome you at my London clinic, or at a group event sometime soon!

This group is suitable for ANY WOMAN, whether a new adventurer or advanced explorer: I celebrate and welcome differences… do feel welcome ♥

Testimonials from women…

'...through Kimaya's touch I feel as though I have permission to not have to be perfect, and that, perhaps, I am lovable and worthy just as I am' ~Anna S

“Kimaya, the words I find best describe the experience are: sacred, structured, safe… HEAVENLY!”

“I can honestly say I have never felt so safe, both in my body or in the arms of another”

“Really enjoyed the timeless space, beautiful energies and wonderful people! Thanks for your sensitive and light-hearted facilitation. Blessings on your journey.”

"We meet, we share, we touch. By the end of the evening something precious has alighted upon us all, touching each in a different way."

"I’m not the same woman who walked in here at the beginning of the evening!”

“...had an amazing time with Kimaya ..Sacred Touch with women ....she is a wonderful Dakini/Goddess and nice lady too”


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