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This is a meetup group for people who love or are curious about Silent Film. It is an opportunity to watch silent films in great venues in London. To meet and chat with other enthusiasts after the event, over a coffee or drink. Hopefully, as well as being fun it will be a way to meet others and to share knowledge.

Let's help keep silent film alive and support the venues that show them!

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Crossroads of Youth: Dir Ahn Jong-hwa

BFI Southbank

Crossroads of Youth is said to be Korea’s oldest surviving film, so it's sure to sell out fast: This is what the the BFI are saying about the event. A richly illustrated talk by Chung Chong-hwa (Senior Researcher, Korean Film Archive) and a screening of Korea’s oldest surviving film. Chung will discuss the complex journey to discovering these Early Korean Cinema prints, as well as their filmic and historical significance. Following the talk, we present a rare performance of the silent classic Crossroads of Youth with live musical accompaniment. This tale of love, desire, betrayal and revenge follows a young man as he seeks his fortune on the streets of Seoul. We welcome composer Park Chun-hwi, narrator Cho Hee-bong, and actors Hwang Min-su and Park Hee-von for this unique performance, recreating an experience comparable to what Korean audiences saw and heard when it first premiered in 1934.

A Couple of Down and Outs: Dir Walter Summers

David Lean Cinema

This one is out of town a little, but a really nice cinema and good to support. A campaign is on to keep the cinema open: Twitter @savedavidlean Info on the Film below. Homeless and workless on his return from the front, a decorated corporal rescues one of his wartime horses from imminent slaughter, knocking over a police sergeant while escaping. A young woman takes pity on the desperate pair, and romance ensues. Davis was awarded the Military Cross for his WWI service, while Best went on to Broadway stardom. This charming picture was created by the GB Samuelson studio, and recently restored with a recorded score by John Sweeney. We are delighted that this screening will be introduced by the producer’s son, former Bafta chairman Sir Sydney Samuelson.

Women Amateur Filmmakers Project from the Silent Era: Three Films

This event is at one of the most important London venues for Silent Film: ‘The Cinema Museum is culturally very important to the history of movies and gives insight into how things have changed. It was the work house where Charlie Chaplin went as a child. It is a monument of great importance to anyone interested in Cinema.’ – Sylvia Syms Here's the Info on the Films. Since 2015, the Women Amateur Filmmakers in Britain project has uncovered and digitised over 100 films made by women amateurs between 1928 and 1988, to identify and celebrate the historical role that such women pioneers played in the British amateur film movement. Tonight, the WAF project presents three of the earliest silent films in its collection, with new soundtracks composed by Laura Rossi. The three films are: Sally Sallies Forth (1928), directed by Frances Lascot : heralded as the first amateur film produced entirely by women. Chaos ensues when Sally (Sadie Andrews) becomes a maid for a day at an upper class garden party. The Polite Burglar (1929), directed by Sadie Andrews : a comedy produced as a competition for the London Amateur Cinematographers Association – can you spot the 30 deliberate errors in the film? Doomsday (1932), directed by Ruth Stuart : an early amateur science fiction film about the end of the world, strongly influenced by European art cinema. The programme will also include a Q&A with members of the WAF project team, the East Anglian Film Archive, and a member of the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers.

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Häxan - Dir Benjamin Christensen

BFI Southbank

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