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This Meetup is to explore the two Jungian personality theories of MBTI (Myers Briggs) and its more advanced cousin, Socionics.
Many have probably heard of the MBTI, a theory that sorts people into 16 different personality types based on different dichotomies, like Extroverted/Introverted; Sensing/iNtuition; Thinking/Feeling and Perceiving Judging.
However, few have heard of Socionics, which builds on the basics of MBTI, improving it into a nuanced, grand theory of personality, incorporating our value systems, worldviews, abilities, and even our relationships with other sorts of people. In this way, Socionics provides a more in-depth look into human behaviour, and backs it up with more detailed, concrete explanations of how the different personalities might interact in real life.
Our goals are straightforward: 
1. To introduce new people to MBTI & Socionics.

2. To help those who already know about MBTI to understand the more advanced Socionics theory.
In addition, this group is for people to learn about and discuss the two theories for the purpose of self-typing and self-discovery, to better navigate social situations with an understanding of how different people tick, and most definitely to connect to other people who are interested in examining their lives and relationships through these theories.

With this group, you'll also be able to find out your Socionics type and learn more about your strengths, values and attitudes towards the world around you, and how you interact with those of different types. 

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To find out more about Socionics, check out our Introduction to Socionics.
We also have a Facebook group.
Be sure to join our wider community at World Socionics Society.
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