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Welcome to `London Woodland Witches Wiccans & outdoor Pagans'. We are a ritual magical community who is down to earth, sociable & friendly! There is a place for ALL here ... visiting pagans/ witches passing through London, Beginners to Wicca & witchcraft, those seeking study & training, seeking social groups & friendships, those looking for first ritual experiences, or even non-pagans with open mind who just want to sample a magical ceremony.

This meetup group has its roots in our older smaller private shamanic group - Hern's Tribe (established in 2004, still going), Tamesa London Circle (began 2006, still going), and of course Wicca & Witchcraft Courses & rituals ( since 2001 and still going..).

Our events are a friendly mixture of formal ceremonies & informal socials.

Come and Enjoy feasting & socialising with us after the ritual. (Bringing food, drinks & wine to share - as we love the social as much as the rituals! Our path is one of reverence & mirth!)

Social Anxiety?

We understand that new newcomers can be nervous about coming to these events - first time outdoors, first time to a ritual, first time with other people/ group, those with social/personal anxiety difficulties etc. Generally, attendees are welcomed by key organisers (often with a hug), some conversation, introduced to few others, and generally made at ease - before we all walk to the woods for the ceremonies. Some explanation of ceremony is also given at the start of our ritual.

Power of Nature : -----------------------

If you are looking for the real energies and powers of nature - for personal empowerment, then being regularly outdoors, experiencing nature.. (no matter how challenging it gets at times!) is the best way. For our events, you can attend in ordinary outdoor cloths.. (warm and water-proof) and/or put on cloaks & robes or other tribal cloths once you arrive at the ritual area..!. At times, it will be sunny and warm. Or wet, wild and stormy. And attuning to those energies, energises you, liberates you, empowers you! That is magic...and that is what it means to know real untamed awesome power of nature!.

Our Events : -----------------------------

• Wicca Full moon & Wicca New moon Rituals -.

• Wicca Training towards Initiation . (Read this first --> Wiccan initiations (https://www.meetup.com/London-Woodland-Witches-Pagans-Magicians/pages/26515188/So_you_want_a_Wiccan_Initiation/) <---)

• Psychic Protection & Healing ceremonies.

• Seasonal Pagan Sabbats /Shamanic Rituals - .

• River Thames-based rituals - .

• Eco-magical explorations - .

• Workshops, Courses & Training in Paganism, Wicca, Ritual magic.

• Social Events, Pagan Moots, Camping, Day Trips out of London - .

Our Eco statement------

Please read our Eco Impact statement click this Eco statement link. (https://www.meetup.com/London-Woodland-Witches-Outdoor-Pagans/pages/25196640/Our_Eco_statement/)

Media / Photography / Researcher policy-------

Please read our Media/ Journalism/ Research policies. click this media policy link (https://www.meetup.com/London-Woodland-Witches-Outdoor-Pagans/pages/21600513/Our_Media_Policy_-_filming_recording_sharing/)

Health & Safety: --------

Please read our Health & Safety statement. Link to our FULL Health & Safety statement (https://www.meetup.com/London-Woodland-Witches-Pagans-Magicians/pages/25196101/Safety%3A_Disability%2C_Harassments%2C_Drugs)

** This meetup is NOT for nudism, sex magic/cults, Satanism, Dark Magic, Luciferians, Left hand path ***

** We have a NO DRUGS POLICY for all our events**

** Any One deemed as causing disruptions or giving Organisers cause for concern on health & safety grounds (for themselves or others) will be asked to leave, and if persist, reported to the Police immediately ! Organisers' decision is final on these matters!! **


About Founder : Mani Navasothy is a Gardnerian Initiated Wiccan/ Witch & High Priest with over 2 decades of Craft & Coven experiences in London, UK. He has trained, initiated others and run several covens in the past, and has been running outdoor/ woodland rituals in London since 2004. Mani also has 2 decades of connection with The Pagan Federation, and is well-known to Wiccan Elders in UK, and to Pagan communities & organisations in London & Uk. He is trained in Transpersonal psychology & Counselling skills, and works to empower everyone using these magical events.

Our websites: http://www.WitchcraftAndMagic.UK - Wicca Rituals, Training & Resources

Upcoming events (5+)

Spellcraft workshop: Doing magic with Candles, Cords & Runes (Wimbledon woods)

Wimbledon Woods (meet outside Windmill Tea Room)


This experiential session is part of our Woodland Wicca workshops. New comers to Wicca and those interested in Spellcraft / Ritual magic will benefit from this workshop. This session covers the following: Introduction to spellcraft & Magic (in Wicc - how we do magic; within-without principle; Basic requirements; safety & warning in spellcraft; Laws of return; Cord Magic - Using Cords, how you can do magic; demonstration & practice with a cord (you can actually use the opportunity to do a bit of magic) . ( 1 metre cords will be provided) Rune Magic - Basic introduction to Runes - symbols & meanings; How to do Rune magic; Bind Runes; Candle Magic - Preparing the candle- anointing/ consecrating; Intention setting; Using one of the Runes learnt (in same workshop), you'll all do one candle -magic. (stick candles - white - will be provided). All materials & printed notes will be provided. Fee: £15.- --Pay by cash: You can pay by cash on the day. OR --Pay via paypal (secured): https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=VAZW8TWVJ6TTA use this paypal link to pay tutor (Mani) directly. please put a note in paypal "Spells23feb". Paypal confirmation e-mail is taken as conformation to course (we get a copy of it sent to us by paypal). make sure you rsvp here on meetup events to be kept updated. meeting point/ Time/ Travel Details: We meet At Windmill Tea room (outside seating area) by 11.30am. Then we will go to the woods to do the workshop. Workshop will end by 4.00pm latest. If it's wet/ raining, I will put up a Tarp cover, as we have done in previous outdoor workshops. From Wimbledon or Putney, take the bus No 93. Alight at bus stop `Parkside Hospital'. Go into `Windmill Road' and walk about 5-10mins. Turn right towards car park and Cafe/ Tea rooms. This place has free car park / toilet facilities. Car park fills up so get there early to park. Cafe spending: It has most types of food/ breakfast / coffees etc. If using card payment, there is a minimum spend of £10 (I know!) BUT if paying for smaller amount, they will put a fee of 50p. What to wear / bring: ***Please dress really appropriate for weather! *** Good water-proof coats, proper boots/ shoes / trainers..that are not going to get soaked in mud/ rain. Gloves, scarf. hats; possibly a bag/ ruck sack to put all your belonging and set aside (on the ground, when doing ritual). Bring a soft cushion to sit on (as we'll be seated on logs or the ground). Bring a blanket to wrap up for your comfort. Bring a hot flask of drink for your self and any snacks for breaktime. Bright Blessings -Mani Navasothy Wiccan High Priest / Author / Teacher

Isidias Navigatum 2019: Blessing of the Fleet Ceremony for Wealth (Richmond)

Hollyhock Cafe, Terrace gardens, Petersham Road, TW10 6UX

This annual ceremony was held at the start of the Spring time in Ancient Egypt, to gain the blessings of Goddess Isis upon the ships and boats (Fleet) - so that they may go forth, find commerce, resources and wealth and bring them back. This is a family friendly day-time ceremony by riverside. We will bless the `fleet’ and place our hopes and wishes of good fortune and success in the ventures we are starting as Spring approaches. We then set the ships to sail (some will be sent.. other larger models will be pulled back, so as not to litter river Thames). Fee: £5 (£3 concessions). Children under 16 - FREE. Ritual outline : A statue of the Goddess will be carried to the water side. Women may offer mirrors so that Goddess Isis may see her beauty. We will pour milk on the banks then sprinkle the statue with precious perfumes & flowers. As the final part of the ritual, a small replica boat(s) will be filled with spices and other magical items, and placed in the river as an offering to the Goddess Isis. Smaller paper boats may also be placed in the river and let go off.. Bring your own small boats! Be it paper boats or small scale models - to either sail them on the river Thames afterwards, or to symbolically place them on our altar during ritual, to gain the blessings of Isis for your own ventures ahead in 2019. meeting point: Please gather by the Hollyhock Cafe , in Terrace Gardens, Petersham road between 2.00pm to 2.20pm. We will cross the road to the riverside for ceremony, set up Altar on the model boat (group effort) and begin ceremony. At the end of the ceremony our `ships' will be set sail followed by Feasting. We expect to be back at station by 5pm .. and visit a cafe or pub to socialise (in warmth). **Please wear absolutely sensible shoes, warm & water poof cloths** .. Our rituals go ahead whatever the weather.. All are Welcome to attend these . Please bring Food & drinks to share. It can be a bottle of wine, soft drinks, hot drinks (in a flask), short eats, snacks, bread, butter, cheese, humus, cakes, salads, pasta and so on. Bright Blessings Mani Navasothy

Wicca Full Moon Ceremony- March'19 (river Thames, Central London)

Seats outside Tate Modern gallery (grass area opposite main door)

We gather for our monthly `TLC: Wicca Full Moon Ritual' (Tamesa London Circle started in 2006), to honour the Triple Moon Goddess, Horned God, Father Thames, Tamesa serpent and do *magic at the heart of London. No prior knowledge or experiences of wicca or ritual magic is necessary for you to attend this. Just come with an open mind. Be friendly and non-intrusive. Connect with others, and join in the ceremony. Fee: £3. Outline: -Opening pathworking for personal energy -Consecrations & purifications and Magic Circle -Group calling of Element quarters & their qualities -Chants, spiral dance & energy raising -Deity work : Moon Goddess & Horned God - *Group magic -Blessing of food & drinks and sharing -Closing of circle -Social Healing/ protection/ spellcraft: -Please note we do not generally have time to do individual healing, magic and protection work as these happen on a weekday evening. Our magic/spellcraft is more group-focused (ie everyone led into magic work at the same time). Individual healing, protection & spells work will be done in our quarterly Healing & Protection circle (half a day on a saturday..quarterly). Meeting point: Gather outside the Green area of Tate Modern Gallery (main doors). We'll walk down to the banks of Thames and do this ceremony. If you are late, just find the steps, walk down to river bank, and join us. We're usually under the concrete over-hang/ sheltered space. Thames & Tides: Our rituals tale place on the actual river bank...just few meters away from the water. We organise these Thames-rituals after checking Port of London authority Thames Tide time tables.. to take place at low tide.. (At high tide the entire river bank is under many meters of water!!). Safety: The steps are slippery. bank of Thames after previous tide will be full of new things and sharp objects. Take extreme care with your own health & safety. You are responsible for your safety. **No children allowed** **Unfortunately the location is not suitable for anyone with walking disabilities** What to bring: • Please dress appropriate for weather! (we carry on Rituals regardless of weather). • Please bring food & drinks to share ( bread & cheese / humus are a good start) and any soft drink/wine that you like to share with others in circle. • a torchlight is a good idea. Feasting/ sharing food & Drinks: After the ritual circle on the river bank is completed, some people leave for home. Others stay behind to socialise. We tend to go back up to street level, to the grassy green area outside Tate Modern Gallery and socialise/ share food & drinks.. If it's raining, we just go to the nearby Pub within sight. Bright Blessings -Mani Navasothy Organiser/ Wiccan High Priest

Woodland Spring Equinox 2019 - Seasonal Festival Gathering

Spring equinox is a time of new beginning and initiating enterprises. A time of reaching balance between Dark & Light.. day & night. It is a time of noticeable lengthening of daylight hours and quickening. Flowers blooming, trees sprouting buds and leaves. Astrologically, the Sun enters the firey sign of Aries. We work actively to balance the opposing forces in our lives, and a bit of personal `spring-cleaning’ internally, then explore the mystery of Spring, through the God-Goddess cycle. Mating and fertility rites are obviously being played out by all wildlife in nature at this RITUAL The basic ceremony follows the format of a Wicca ritual - such as an Opening Spring pathworking, Sacred space/ consecrations, calling elemental quarters, Energy raising with drumming, chants & spiral dance. There'll also be calling of Horned God & Goddess, Seasonal magic & Blessing of Food & Drinks/wine. Starting time: Please be at Pub meeting point at 2pm, and you'll have 30mins to warm up/ get drinks or connect. At 2.30pm we will start walking to woods. We can not start on time, if attendees keep coming late, thinking its going to start start late anyway. This very thing makes everything delayed. So please know that we will be sticking to `actual times' from here onwards! (enough of the `pagan time'). Fee: £5. Please bring FOOD & DRINKS TO SHARE: Here are some suggestions-- Home made bread/cakes; salad; wine/ mead; soft drinks; vegan food; water; vegetarian food. You only need bring a small amount that can be added to our feasting and shared with all. Changes ahead (13Feb2019): At Spring 2019, London Woodland Witches celebrates 5 years ceremonies, socials and creation of our own community. And it is time to grow, evolve, and make some changes. One key aspect of this is to make our Spring/ summer events more family-friendly, to include parents who can bring children (or they all stay at home and miss pagan events and connection to reest of community. We are keen to ensure we don't just focus on fertility & romance but also the result of it- children & family! Another key aspect is to include the attendees (all of you!) more in the actual ceremony, rather than leave you as spectators who interact only briefly in ceremony. This means less of Ritual team standing in front and doing everything, and more of ritual team encouraging attendees to do many aspects of the ceremony. We'll get more organic and interactive! We also like to encourage more communal & social time at our gatherings, in the woods, rather than run to the pub soon after (A bottle of wine costs £22 at pub. but can be bought for £5 at local supermarket)! Please bring wine & food, a rug to sit on, and stay afterwards and connect with one another. Bright Blessings -Mani Navasothy Wiccan High Priest & Founder of London Woodland Witches

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Wicca Full Moon Ceremony- (river Thames, Central London)

Seats outside Tate Modern gallery (grass area opposite main door)

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