What we're about

Welcome to `London Woodland Witches, Wiccans & Pagans'. We are a ritual magical community who is down to earth, sociable & friendly! There is a place for ALL here ... visiting pagans/ witches passing through London, Beginners to Wicca & witchcraft, those seeking study & training, seeking social groups & friendships, those looking for first ritual experiences, or even non-pagans with open mind who just want to sample a magical ceremony.

This meetup group has its roots in our older smaller private shamanic group - Hern's Tribe (established in 2004, still going), Tamesa London Circle (began 2006, still going), and of course Wicca & Witchcraft Courses & rituals ( since 2001 and still going..).

Our events are a friendly mixture of formal ceremonies & informal socials.

Come and Enjoy feasting & socialising with us after the ritual. (Bringing food, drinks & wine to share - as we love the social as much as the rituals! Our path is one of reverence & mirth!)

Social Anxiety?

We understand that new newcomers can be nervous about coming to these events - first time outdoors, first time to a ritual, first time with other people/ group, those with social/personal anxiety difficulties etc. Generally, attendees are welcomed by key organisers (often with a hug), some conversation, introduced to few others, and generally made at ease - before we all walk to the woods for the ceremonies. Some explanation of ceremony is also given at the start of our ritual.

Power of Nature : -----------------------

If you are looking for the real energies and powers of nature - for personal empowerment, then being regularly outdoors, experiencing nature.. (no matter how challenging it gets at times!) is the best way. For our events, you can attend in ordinary outdoor cloths.. (warm and water-proof) and/or put on cloaks & robes or other tribal cloths once you arrive at the ritual area..!. At times, it will be sunny and warm. Or wet, wild and stormy. And attuning to those energies, energises you, liberates you, empowers you! That is magic...and that is what it means to know real untamed awesome power of nature!.

Our Events : -----------------------------

• Wicca Full moon & Wicca New moon Rituals -.

• Wicca Training towards Initiation . (Read this first --> Wiccan initiations (https://www.meetup.com/London-Woodland-Witches-Pagans-Magicians/pages/26515188/So_you_want_a_Wiccan_Initiation/) <---)

• Psychic Protection & Healing ceremonies.

• Seasonal Pagan Sabbats /Shamanic Rituals - .

• River Thames-based rituals - .

• Eco-magical explorations - .

• Workshops, Courses & Training in Paganism, Wicca, Ritual magic.

• Social Events, Pagan Moots, Camping, Day Trips out of London - .

Our Eco statement------

Please read our Eco Impact statement click this Eco statement link. (https://www.meetup.com/London-Woodland-Witches-Outdoor-Pagans/pages/25196640/Our_Eco_statement/)

Media / Photography / Researcher policy-------

Please read our Media/ Journalism/ Research policies. click this media policy link (https://www.meetup.com/London-Woodland-Witches-Outdoor-Pagans/pages/21600513/Our_Media_Policy_-_filming_recording_sharing/)

Health & Safety: --------

Please read our Health & Safety statement. Link to our FULL Health & Safety statement (https://www.meetup.com/London-Woodland-Witches-Pagans-Magicians/pages/25196101/Safety%3A_Disability%2C_Harassments%2C_Drugs)

** This meetup is NOT for nudism, sex magic/cults, Satanism, Dark Magic, Luciferians, Left hand path ***

** We have a NO DRUGS POLICY for all our events**

** Any One deemed as causing disruptions or giving Organisers cause for concern on health & safety grounds (for themselves or others) will be asked to leave, and if persist, reported to the Police immediately ! Organisers' decision is final on these matters!! **


About Founder : Mani Navasothy is a Gardnerian Initiated Wiccan/ Witch & High Priest with over 2 decades of Craft & Coven experiences in London, UK. He has trained, initiated others and run several covens in the past, and has been running outdoor/ woodland rituals in London since 2004. Mani also has 2 decades of connection with The Pagan Federation, and is well-known to Wiccan Elders in UK, and to Pagan communities & organisations in London & Uk. He is trained in Transpersonal psychology & Counselling skills, and works to empower everyone using these magical events.

Our websites: http://www.WitchcraftAndMagic.UK - Wicca Rituals, Training & Resources

Upcoming events (5+)

Wicca: New Moon Circle (July 2019)

Queen's Woods

Welcome to our Wicca New moon circle. New comers , Seekers & Beginners to Wicca welcome. We meet in the pub, then walk together to Queen's Woods for actual ritual. These New moon circles are good for those seeking to practice Wiccan ritual roles. General outline ----- some sections may be adapted on the night depending on circumstances. 1. Preparation: Involves Altar set up (help appreciated), centering Meditation, Tree/ Chakra energy working, Wiccan Opening prayer. 2. Scared space: Wiccan salt/water/incense Consecrations (help appreciated), Magic Circle cast & elements called at quarters (help appreciated) / LBRP & Archangel calling. 3. Power raising: spiral dance, chants/ deity work. 4. Magic: 5. Food Blessings/ closing circle Is it a coven?---- This is an open/ practise circle. In autumn regulars will be invited to join our training coven circles. In addition, those interested in wicca training & initiations, should attend our courses & workshops. Talk to Mani in person after events or by private messages. Facilitator---- Mani Navasothy - an initiated Wiccan High Priest, with over 22 years of Craft & Coven experiences in London, UK. Mani has published several books on Wicca, runs training courses, provides an e-Witch Apprentice course online, and writes blogs on Astrology & magical topics at www.QuantumPhoenix.net ** fee £3. Meeting point (Woodman's Pub) ---- address: 414 Archway Rd, Highgate, London N6 5UA* Meet in the heated patio area of the Pub. ***MANI WILL WALK EVERYONE TOGETHER TO WOODS** Ritual venue (Queens woods)---- This has been used by witches, covens, shamans, eco-groups & ritual magicians for many decades. PSYCHIC SAFETY--- Please do not come late to woods and enter circle once it's cast - it breaches magic protection inside, leaks energy, allows negative entities to enter our protected space!! In the same way, please do not just `leave' the circle in the middle of a ritual in progress. On both occasions, please wait on the edge for a suitable moment for the Circle-caster to create a `door' and let you in/ out and close that `magic gateway' immediately. !!! Essentials - Food/ drinks/ weather------ - bring some food & drinks to share. (bread/ cheese/ wine/soft drinks). - be prepared for different types of Weather. - bring a small ground sheet/ cushion/ mat to sit on. - Torch light .. essential for walking about the woods in the dark. Feasting & Magical thoughts ---- Circle will close after passing blessed Cakes & drink from the Altar. Then depending on time, we can be open for magical chats.. where you may share your experiences of what the ceremony has brought. Love & Bright Blessings -Mani Navasothy

Visit: March of the Mermaids (Brighton) - Eco-event -13July2019

March of the Mermaids (Brighton) is back!!!! Hia folks, I've attended the March of the Mermaids in 2015, 2016 & 2017 (no event last year due to organiser getting married). The event is back in 2019 :-) This will be the 6th annual event. Well, just heard news that this year it's on 13th July 2017, so am setting this event up and will update it of anything changes. ! Do come along and join in.. It's a free event...but the organisers ask for a voluntary donation which goes towards various Eco-charities (every year, the organisers donate all funds raised to a particular Marine conservation/ charitable cause!). Come along as you are..or get into fancy dress / cloths... mermaids, pirates, octopus...whatever that you can create :-) -Mani --------------- Link to see Video interview with Hannah Chilton who started March of the Mermaids. https://youtu.be/Jzhbowh-uk4

High Magic 2: Using planetary Kameas & Seals for sigil magic

Queen's Woods


High Magic Workshop 2 : Planetary Kameas, Seals & element pentagrams. This is part of a series of courses & workshops for teaching tools, techniques needed for psychic protection, safety, making sigils, talismans & charms and doing deeper level High Magic rituals.. These are often kept `secret' or students have to read hundreds of pages of books (Golden Dawn, Keys of Solomon), or end up trawling internet for not so well-thought out blogs. People often copy what they see, without checking for mistakes which then get propagated..and don't produce the results they want in their magic.. or worse ..the mistakes create magical side-effects that can cause more psychic problems with supernatural beings, entities, spirits. One tiny mistake can easily cause someone many years of problems. (been there done that!) ------------------------ In this practical workshop, you'll be taught: -The Element invoking pentagrams for Air, Fire, Water & Earth (and banishing pentagrams), and explained how they derive from the astrological chart (High Magic). - Introduced to the system of Planetary Hours, and what day/ what hour precisely to do planetary magical spells for better results. - System of magic squares (Kameas) and their planetary connections, that further enhance planetary magic; How to systematically create/ draw them for initial invocation of those energies; What metals to use; - Use of Planetary seals (sigils/ symbols) used to create talismans and charms. - How to create deeper sigils for specific spell-casting, using Kameas (this is often never explained in online blogs. And neither am I going to blog it). Unlike our other courses/ workshops, teaching High Magic requires much more organisation & attention, efficiency and practise. Teaching these require clear step by step progress, less chit-chat or social distractions, learning tools that then help with further tools and techniques. So all students will be given a `workbook' at start of course, for taking notes & doing exercises. -------------------------- New date: sunday 14th July. venue: Queens' Woods (meet at Woodman's at 10.45am) Duration: 11am to 4pm. Standard fee : £20 (pay on the day). --------------- Preparation: (This is an outdoor course, so please attend with proper weather-appropriate clothing, pack lunch, note book, and attend after a good night's sleep for focus. I do my best to teach in a down to earth, easy to understand manner, but some concepts and work still require good focus and attention on your part. Understanding principles is important in high magical work so that there are no doubts or uncertainties, through which `problems' can creep in). Bright Stellar Blessings -Mani Navasothy Author, Astrologer, Ritual Magician & Wiccan High Priest ------------------------

Birth of Goddess Isis & Full moon/Lunar Eclipse Ceremony (London)

Seats outside Tate Modern gallery (grass area opposite main door)

Our 7th annual Celebration of `Night of the Cradle- Birth of Goddess Isis' - where Sky Goddess Nut gives birth to the Egyptian Goddess Isis, falls on the night of a Full moon/ partial Lunar Eclipse!! A magical night of deep Transformation awaits us all!! This event will take place on the river banks of the Thames in Central London (near Tate Modern Gallery & Millennium Bridge). The ceremony will use a blend of Wiccan & adapted Egyptian ritual outlines. (Note: My research indicates Birth of Isis was traditionally celebrated on 17th July.. so we are a day early this time). ** Fee £5 (Concessions £3). Children under 16 **FREE ***** -------- Ceremony outline ----- • A decorative altar with Sky Goddess Nut and a concealed statue of Isis will be set up. • Opening prayers and /or Meditation (chakra or other) • Consecrations with salt & water, incense, candles • Casting magic Circle • Calling elemental quarters • Energy raising • Invocation : Isis called by her many names! Printed sheets provided. Each attendee may utter 10-20 names. • Goddess Isis (statue) is revealed. • Milk & flower Ceremony - all bath statue in milk, followed by offering of flowers. These are then offered to the river Thames. • Magical work (optional) • Cakes & Wine blessing • Closing & Grounding work • Feasting, Socialising… Food & drinks blessed and shared. • Birthday Party !! (Birthday of Isis). What to bring-------- -- Please Wear ceremonial robes / masks (Egyptian style if possible). -- Musical instruments (drums, systrum, bells) -- Food & drinks to share. -- Poetry / your own Invocations to honour Goddess Isis Meeting point---------- Gather outside the Green area of Tate Modern Gallery (main doors). We'll walk down to the banks of Thames and do this ceremony. If you are late, just find the steps, walk down to river bank, and join us. We're usually under the concrete over-hang/ sheltered space. Thames & Tides------- Our rituals tale place on the actual river bank...just few meters away from the water. We organise these Thames-rituals after checking Port of London authority Thames Tide time tables.. to take place at low tide.. (At high tide the entire river bank is under many meters of water!!). Safety----- The steps are slippery. bank of Thames after previous tide will be full of new things and sharp objects. Take extreme care with your own health & safety. You are responsible for your safety. **No children allowed** **Unfortunately the location is not suitable for anyone with walking disabilities** What to bring------: • Please dress appropriate for weather! (we carry on Rituals regardless of weather). • Please bring food & drinks to share ( bread & cheese / humus are a good start) and any soft drink/wine that you like to share with others in circle. • a torchlight is a good idea. Feasting/ sharing food & Drinks Safety of Thames water--------------- Though the water is cleaner to paddle, it is NOT suitable for drinking!! Avoid handling the Thames water.. and if you do by chance, then please use anti-bacterial hand-wash/ wipes to sterilise your hands before handling any food! Bright Blessings -Mani Navasothy

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