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Welcome to `London Woodland Witches, Wiccans & Pagans community'. Beginners to Wicca & witchcraft, Paganism & ritual magic, Tarot, Runes, Psychic development, eco-magic, those seeking wicca training, regular magical group working & friendships with others on similar paths, those looking for first ritual experiences- all are welcome here! We run ritual circles, seasonal festival gatherings, magical workshops & courses, pub socials, trips to other folk festivals - on a very regular basis.

We have a good balance of Serious Magical working & sociable circles.

We have been running rituals & groups since 2004.. Our oldest smaller private shamanic group - Hern's Tribe - started in 2004 is still active; Tamesa London Circle began in 2006 and now has evolved to hold the Thames Isis, Sekhmet & full moon rituals. And of course Wicca & Witchcraft Courses & rituals started in 2001, and now continue as our new moon & seasonal gatherings... Attendance varies from 5 or 6 people to 50-60 at times. It's not about numbers but the connections people form and the good magical experiences you have. So Come for the magic, and stay for the social- and Enjoy time with us after the ritual. Do bring food, drinks & wine to share - as we love the social as much as the rituals! As with Wicca, our path is one of reverence & mirth!

If you are looking for the real energies and powers of nature - for personal empowerment, then being regularly outdoors, experiencing nature.. (no matter how challenging it gets at times!) is the best way. You can attend in ordinary outdoor cloths.. (warm and water-proof) and/or put on cloaks & robes or other tribal cloths once you arrive at the ritual area..!. At times, it will be sunny and warm. Or wet, wild and stormy. And attuning to it all energises you, liberates you, empowers you! That is magic...and that is what it means to know real untamed awesome power of nature!.

About Founder /lead organiser- Mani Navasothy (yes we use our real names!)

Mani is a Gardnerian Initiated Wiccan/ Witch & High Priest with over 2 decades of Craft & Coven experiences in London, UK. Mani studied about Wicca with Vivianne Crowley & Chris Crowley at the world renown `WSG - Wicca Study Group' in mid 90's and eventually became initiated in one of their daughter covens. (Whitecroft line of the Gardnerian lineage). Since then, Mani has trained wiccans, initiated others and run several covens in the past, and has been running outdoor/ woodland rituals in London since 2004. Mani also has 2 decades of connection with The Pagan Federation in various key Organiser roles, and is well-known to Wiccan Elders in UK, and to Pagan communities & organisations in London & Uk. He is trained in Transpersonal psychology & Counselling skills, and works to empower everyone using these magical events.

**Note that Mani has no connection whatsoever with any Traditional, Cochrane or other lines **

Our Eco statement------

We care about Nature and strive to have minimum impact on the woods we visit. Please read our Eco Impact statement click this Eco statement link. (https://www.meetup.com/London-Woodland-Witches-Outdoor-Pagans/pages/25196640/Our_Eco_statement/)

Media / Photography / Researcher policy-------

No photos/ videos/ recordings or interviews allowed. Some photos okay after ritual. Please read our full Media/ Journalism/ Research policies. click this media policy link (https://www.meetup.com/London-Woodland-Witches-Outdoor-Pagans/pages/21600513/Our_Media_Policy_-_filming_recording_sharing/)

Health & Safety/ Children / Disability : --------

Safety of everyone attending is important to us. People are strangers till they earn trust and friendship. So care must be taken. Also children allowed with parents - **only* at certain family friendly day events advertised as such. Otherwise all events are 18+ only.

Please read our Health & Safety statement. Link to our FULL Health & Safety statement (https://www.meetup.com/London-Woodland-Witches-Pagans-Magicians/pages/25196101/Safety%3A_Disability%2C_Harassments%2C_Drugs)

** This meetup is NOT for nudism, sex magic/cults, Satanism, Dark Magic, Luciferians, Thelema, Left hand path etc. ***

** We have a NO DRUGS POLICY for all our events**

** Any One deemed as causing disruptions or giving Organisers cause for concern on health & safety grounds will be asked to leave, and if persist, reported to the Police immediately ! Organisers' decision is final on these matters!! **

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Upcoming events (5+)

Woodland Witches - Autumn Equinox 2019 Ceremony & World Peace Day Magic

Join Woodland Witches & Pagans in the Woods for walking the Labyrinth, and a celebration of AUTUMN Equinox- This is the time of 2nd harvest, and inner preparations for the coming Winter months. It is also World Peace day, and we will be doing magic for world peace. Our open ritual is held in an outdoor park/woods with easy public access.. "This is the time when the wheel turns once more, from summer to winter. A time when the dark equals the light, and the night times begin to increase. Trees begin to shed their leaves in preparation of the coming winter, wildlife collects seeds and stocks up for winter and animal migrations begin. We celebrate the second harvest of the year- the harvest of the fruits. " Astrology note: In this evening Jupiter-direct culminates a square with retrograding Neptune. Days leading to this may be very challenging. This ritual aims to provide healing and consolidation of energies for all. Peace Day: 21st September is International Peace Day. We are now combining Peace day magic into this Autumn Eqx gathering. New Date: Saturday 21st September 2019 Ritual Venue: Queen's Woods . Fee: £5 ( concessions £3) *Collected before entering woods. ** Meeting point/Time: Gather between 4pm to 4.30pm at the Garden area of `Woodman's Pub' (Archway Road). you'll be led by one of our ritual team member, and process with lanterns to the woods. Walking the Labyrinth & Ritual: A ground Labyrinth will be ready next to the ritual spot, as before. After consecrations, You will be invited to walk the Labyrinth in a meditative state. At the centre, you may have a moment to contemplate the coming of dark half of the year, eat a few seeds of the Pomegranate (as Persephone did in the myths). Out ritual Team will conduct key aspects of the ceremony. Magical Intent: **From the moment you arrive at sacred space in woods, you are kindly asked to observe stillness and reverence throughout the ceremony. All willing are expected to participate - during which moments, you are asked to be calm and not disruptive of their inner-work. ** Magical Safety: ** Once Circle is cast, we do not allow anyone to enter the sacred space..or leave without an appointed Priest/Priestess opening a doorway in the circle. If you arrive late or must leave at any point, please seek the appointed Priest/Priestess for this. Please do not Crash the circle - as it can cause magical weakness for the whole ritual and let outside energies enter or leak our own built up energy** RITUAL items to bring: - Your ritual cloths/ robes/ cloaks - Staff / wands / antlers / tribal masks - Drums & musical instruments - Lanterns / candles / lighter - Crystals / runes / divination tools -Poetry / invocations (learnt or to read) ALL WELCOME: -All Pagans of any spiritual are welcome.. ** This event is NOT suitable for children.** FOOD & DRINKS TO SHARE: - suggestions-- -Home made/ baked items are exceptionally welcome (Bread, cakes, buns, salads, soup, pre-cooked potatoes). -Wine & Mead are popular for the pre-ritual social and for feasting & socials afterwards! - Cheese / butter/ crisps/ dips -- Water / soft drinks/ tea & coffee in flasks -vegetarian food/ vegan food (Basically any items that add towards a sensible feast/ meal). Bright Blessings -Mani & Woodland Witches Ritual Team Policy (brief notes): 1. NO filming/ recording/ photography during Ritual. You may take photos *AFTER* ceremony. 2. NO interviewing/ recording / questioning of other members for research purposes of any kind !! 3. No Drugs of any sort at any time. No drinking during ritual! Our Full media Policy --> https://www.meetup.com/LondonWoodlandWitches/pages/21600513/Our_Media_Policy_-_filming_recording_sharing/ Full safety/disability/drugs policy--> https://www.meetup.com/LondonWoodlandWitches/pages/25196101/Safety:_Disability,_Harassments,_Drugs Full Eco-statement--> https://www.meetup.com/LondonWoodlandWitches/pages/25196640/Our_Eco_statement/

Experiential Tarot 1-day Course - (outdoors/ London)

Windmill Tea Rooms


We invite you to take a journey in to the world of practical application of tarot for self and others, in a natural woodland setting to expand your deeper connections to messages from this popular divination tool, that traces back to it’s medieval roots! Intended for anyone with some or no experience of reading tarot, for self or others confidently. Come, ready to sample the life altering events of the 22 Major Arcanas, to the vivid clarity of the Celtic Cross, all the way to the connected intuitive voice of your magical being that you can tap in to on the day. Fee : £30.00. You *must* pay in advance to attend this fully practical 1-day course. Deadlines for Registration 18th Sept'2019. Here are some of the things you will learn on this workshop------- -Explorative Pathworking, in to the tarot realm -Origins & use of tarot -Mystical, Kabbalistic and order of the Golden Dawn influences -Practical journey through the meanings of 22 Major Arcanas, 16 Court cards and 40 Suit cards -How to work with your cards : Selecting, cleansing, tuning in, aligning , intention-setting , cleansing & storing -Elemental consecration and connection exercise -Exploration of popular Tarot Spread exploration -Magical & ritualistic use of Tarot cards -Reader / Querent etiquettes and ethics -Practical work on reading for Self -Practical work on reading for Others -Questions & Answers How to Register: You must pay fee in advance to attend this course. Pay via meetup or Link for secure paypal at Mani's tutor's website .. new Deadline for registration at £30 is 21st Sept'19. (at 23:59 hrs) --> http://mani.org.uk/beginners-tarot-course-london Note: course may be rescheduled or cancelled if core numbers for running this course is not reached. In such case, those who paid will be offered full refund. Bright Blessings -Vathani Navasothy & Mani Navasothy This is an experiential workshop, taught by Vathani Navasothy (Tarot Reader/ medium & Reiki Practitioner) & Mani Navasothy (Astrologer, Wiccan High Priest & Ritual Magician).

Spellcraft workshop (for Beginners)

Queen's Wood


This is an experiential workshop where you'll learn and do 3 different techniques of doing ritual magic for your self. Using candles for magic, using Cords & knots for magic and using Runes for creating sigils and magic. Other magical tools such as image magic, poppets, blood magic, sex magic will be briefly explained by tutor. New comers to Wicca and those interested in Spellcraft / Ritual magic will benefit from this workshop. Fee : £15.00. You may pay on the day. However, you can also use link here to pay (using paypal). http://mani.org.uk/spellcraft-workshop1 New date: Sunday 29th September 2019. Course duration: 12.30pm gathering at Woodman's pub, Archway Road, High Gate. Course begins at 1.00pm in the Woods, and expected to end by 5.30pm. There will be a short 20 min tea/coffee break in the middle around 3pm. Meeting point & Time: We meet in a nearby Woodman's pub, Archway Road, High Gate. Meet from 12.30pm to 1.00pm. Course contents-------- -- Introduction to spellcraft & Magic (in Wicca - how we do magic; within-without principle; Basic requirements; safety & warning in spellcraft; Laws of return; -- Cord Magic - Using Cords, how you can do magic; demonstration & practice with a cord (you can actually use the opportunity to do a bit of magic) . ( 1 metre cords will be provided) -- Rune Magic - Basic introduction to Runes - symbols & meanings; How to do Rune magic; Bind Runes; -- Candle Magic - Preparing the candle- anointing/ consecrating; Intention setting; Using one of the Runes learnt (in same workshop), you'll all do one candle -magic. (stick candles - white - will be provided). -- Additional- Mani is give a brief overview of some other magical tools & techniques (poppets, blood magic, sex magic, sigils /planetary squares, and some modern alternatives such as image/video magic from his own explorations). Note courses may be rescheduled or cancelled if core numbers for running a course is not reached. In such case, those who paid will be offered the choice of moving to the re-scheduled course or full refund. Bright Blessings -Mani Navasothy Wiccan High Priest / Author / Teacher

Full Moon Ceremony - Tamesa London Circle (Oct 2019)

Seats outside Tate Modern gallery (grass area opposite main door)

On this night, we gather for our monthly `Tamesa Full Moon Ritual' (Tamesa London Circle started in 2006), to honour the Triple Moon Goddess & Father Thames, and do magic at the heart of London. No prior knowledge or experiences is necessary for you to attend this. Just come with an open mind. Be friendly and non-intrusive. Connect with others, and join in the ceremony. Fee: £5/£3 concessions. Outline (tbc) : -Opening pathworking for personal energy -Consecrations & purifications -Group calling of Elemental quarters & their qualities -Chants, drums & energy raising -Group magic -Blessing of food & drinks and sharing -Closing of circle -Social Healing/ protection/ spellcraft: Time permitting, and if appropriate, we may do some individual healing, magic and protection work. Meeting point: Gather outside the Green area of Tate Modern Gallery (main doors). Organiser (Mani) & others will by the outdoor seats. We'll walk down to the banks of Thames and do this ceremony. If you are late, just find the steps, walk down to river bank, and join us. We're usually under the concrete over-hang/ sheltered space. Thames & Tides: Our rituals tale place on the actual river bank...just few meters away from the water. We organise these Thames-rituals after checking Port of London authority Thames Tide time tables.. to take place at low tide.. (At high tide the entire river bank is under many meters of water!!). Safety: The steps are slippery. bank of Thames after previous tide will be full of new things and sharp objects. Take extreme care with your own health & safety. You are responsible for your safety. **No children allowed** **Unfortunately the location is not suitable for anyone with walking disabilities** What to bring: • Please dress appropriate for weather! (we carry on Rituals regardless of weather). • Please bring food & drinks to share ( bread & cheese / humus are a good start) and any soft drink/wine that you like to share with others in circle. • a torchlight is a good idea. Feasting/ sharing food & Drinks: After the ritual circle on the river bank is completed, some people leave for home. Others stay behind to socialise. We tend to go back up to street level, to the grassy green area outside Tate Modern Gallery and socialise/ share food & drinks.. If it's raining, we just go to the nearby Pub within sight. Bright Blessings -Mani Navasothy Organiser/ Wiccan High Priest

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TLC Full moon Ceremony of Love with Goddesses Aphrodite & Luxmi

Seats outside Tate Modern gallery (grass area opposite main door)

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