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This is a Myers Briggs personality type group for intuitive thinkers (people with N and T in the 4 letters of their MBTI type) to meet like-minded people. If you haven't done the test you please do it here before you join: https://personalitymax.com/

If you have done the Myers Briggs test, or the 16 personalities quiz and have NT in your indicator type this group is for you. You should join if you are an ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ, INTP, and crave more interaction with intellectuals/future oriented thinkers. Or, if you are a different type, but want to learn more or interact more with Intuitive thinkers, then you are also welcome to join.

We are based in London so our meetups will be in and round the London area.

These are the cognitive functions for intuitive thinkers:
INTP: Ti- Ne- Si- Fe
INTJ: Ni-Te-Fi -Se
ENTP: Ne- Ti- Fe- Si
ENTJ: Te- Ni- Se- Fi

Upcoming events (3)

Free walk- NTs' search for meaning on the seashore

Victoria Train Station

Join us on a day out along the coast where we will be discussing Viktor Frankl 's book "Man's search for meaning ".

We will be taking the 9.40 am train from Victoria that arrives at Herne Bay at 11.08. After a short visit to the local market, we'll be walking along the coast (2h easy walk ) to Whitstable. We'll take the 17.20 train back from Whitstable and aim to be in Victoria before 7pm. We'll meet at 9.15 am, at Victoria Train Station, under the big clock. Don't be late as the train won't wait for you. It's up to you if you buy the tickets in advance or on the day. If you decide to come you need to RSVP on Meetup and update in in case you change your mind. Stay tuned for the discussion questions.

FREE MBTI Intuitive Thinkers White Cliffs of Dover walk & picnic from London


Join the Intuitive Thinkers MBTI meetup for a walk, picnic and chat to England’s famous White Cliffs of Dover. Our discussions are based on intuitive thinkers and how we relate to the outside world. What is it that defines us? What traits we can learn from other types? What traits do we share, and how do we differ from sensory & feeling types?

All types are welcome, you do not strictly need to have N and T in your 4 letter Myers-Briggs type code, but most discussions will be based around them. However, you might have a friend or relative who is an intuitive thinker, so you could contribute to the discussion. Intuitive Thinkers include:

What to expect...
We'll meet at kings cross station at 10am (train leaves at 10.12 am so don't be late!) We'll meet on the platform for the 10.12 train heading towards Margate With one change.
I will prepare some thought provoking questions we can discuss to ease everyone into interesting conversations with strangers. If you are nervous meeting new people just come and find me (I'm Andrea).
From Dover Priory station, we will get a short train to Deal, where we will start the walk. We'll pass Walmer Castle and St Margarets Beach. Walking along coastal paths, you can soak up stunning scenic views. Towards the end of the walk we will reach Dover Beach and may even get views of Dover castle. At some point we will stop for a picnic. It's an 11 mile walk with a total walking time of 4 hours (although groups tend to walk slower!)
We'll depart from Dover Priory station and head back to London on the train.

This is a point to point walk so we are not returning to the same station (we start at Deal and finish at Dover Priory). You can see the route here: https://maps.app.goo.gl/eoVYf4quL4nJgcFz5

1. You will need to buy your own train tickets (they are about £35 from London St Pancreas Station to Dover Priory return. We will be getting the 10.12 train towards Margate with one change at Ashford. You'll also need to purchase a £6 anytime ticket from Dover Priory to Deal one way separately (yes, this is annoying but it means we can get the fast train there and back so we save 2 hours!) This extra part of the journey is on the same train.

On the way back I plan to get the 18.49 fast train back to London but I recommend getting an open return (it's the same price) just in case we finish earlier/later. If we get this train we will arrive back in London St Pancreas at 19.54.

2. You will also need to bring lunch, water and anything else you might want on the day (prosecco?) as well as sunscreen (and a hat?) as there will be little shade.

3. Make sure you are on our Whatsapp group so you can message everyone is you need: https://chat.whatsapp.com/BPR7F4l9MesCezQrYTNX1L

Cancellations & Safety...
We are not responsible for any cancellation costs (we don't plan on cancelling!) The hike is an easy hike so you don't need to be experienced, just wear comfortable shoes. By attending this hike you do so at your own risk and you will be responsible for your own safety. We will be practising social distancing. You will also need your mask for the train.

If you have any questions just ask in the comments!

2 Day London philosophy festival - How The Light Gets in

Hampstead Heath

Join us for a 2 Day philosophy festival with lectures, debates, comedy, music, performances and social experiments. How The Light Gets In is one of the largest philosophy festivals with lectures that span a wide range of topics including space travel, politics, personality, science and beliefs to name a few. Hear from the world's leading thinkers and get involved in the conversation.

This festival is held at Hampstead Health.

Find out more information and get tickets here: https://howthelightgetsin.org/festivals/september


1. Do not RSVP until you have purchased a ticket

2. You might need sunscreen as parts of the festival are outside

3. For those attending please join the WhatsApp group so we can communicate during the festival... https://chat.whatsapp.com/BPR7F4l9MesCezQrYTNX1L

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FREE Richmond Park Walk & Picnic - up to 30 people!

Sheen Gate Toilets

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