January OpenJDK Hackday

This is a past event

37 people went


Come hack on the Java implementation that you use everyday!

Its a hackday, so people can work on whatever they want, but activities are likely to include:

* Improved OpenJDK test coverage
* OpenJDK Warnings cleanup
* Small Bugs Fixes
* The betterrev project

If you're not familiar with the openjdk codebase there will be people there to help you get started, including some from IBM who work on OpenJDK professionally.

Useful Links:

* OpenJDK: http://openjdk.java.net/
* Adopt Openjdk Information: https://java.net/projects/adoptopenjdk/pages/AdoptOpenJDK
* Betterrev: https://bitbucket.org/adoptopenjdk/betterrev

NB: you need to bring a laptop with you to this event!