LJC: Mini Open Conference in association with Devoxx 2014

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LJC: Mini Open Conference

In the past we have had a number of very successful LJC Open Conferences. This is the first of *hopefully* a series of mini-open conferences.

It will be an evening in which you can attend a range of talks, workshops and practical sessions, drawn from the experiences of those in industry. Its a great opportunity to learn with up to 10-15 sessions during the evening, including lightning talks, open source project overviews, live hacking, roundtables and a whole lot more.

Essentially the content will be entirely driven by the attendees on the evening.

There is a question on the signup page if you are open to giving a presentation on the evening. We will try to accommodate what is suggested. You can also come up with ideas and sessions on the evening of the conference (as with an unconference)!!

We encourage you to talk about a wide range of topics, not just specifics of the Java language, Spring, Hibernate, Open Source, OSGi, etc, but also about tools and practices - eg. software craftsmanship, BDD, TDD, Kanban, Agile and other practices that enhance our world. Due to the diversity of the Java ecosystem in terms of languages, we have many people from the Groovy, Scala and Clojure user groups will be sharing their experiences.

What people said about our previous full day conferences (see photos):

"Fantastic day, learned a great deal and made some valuable connections with people in the industry, more of these please"
"Amazing forum. Met some of the best minds in the field. Inspired me to learn more and work harder.. "
"Brilliant time! Learnt a lot and met a lot of great people. Look forward to the next one :-)"
"An excellent opportunity to learn more about things I should know about but didn't"

Event organised by the awesome folk at RecWorks - check out the blog here:

http://blog.recworks.co.uk/ (http://recworks.co.uk/)