OpenJDK Hack Session

This is a past event

25 people went


OpenJDK Hack Session

A second chance to fix some bugs in the OpenJDK!

Late last year the OpenJDK team is asked for help in reducing the
amount of simple bugs in the source code of Java 8 and the LJC
participated with a short hack session. We are running that session
again for those who would like to get starting in developing the
OpenJDK. One of the LJC's resident OpenJDK gurus (Mike Barker) will
lead a hands on session where you will learn to build the OpenJDK
(i.e. Java 8) and help hunt down and provide patches for some low
hanging bugs.

You don't need a huge amount of experience to get involved, the sorts
of bugs the we are is trying to eliminate are the sorts of warnings
that appear in Eclipse when you switch on the compiler warnings.

This event will run from 6pm to 9pm.