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NoSQL for Java developers

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NoSQL for Java Developers

This event brings together a panel of innovators and early adopters, both practitioners and vendors. Between them they have decades of experience using SQL. Yet they are all now depending upon NoSQL to achieve their goals. They will share with us their reasons and the lessons they have learnt; both the benefits and the pitfalls...

The panel includes:
Alistair Jones of Neo4j
Alvin Richars of 10gen
Robert Rees of Wakoku
Kim Ross of Bossa Studios
The evening will be curated by Manik Surtani of Red Hat.

Are you considering NoSQL? You should be if you don't want to be left behind. These new technologies are seriously disrupting the software development landscape. They offer competitive advantage by allowing faster development and elastic, scalable deployment onto low cost hardware.

Are you planning to adopt a NoSQL product? You need to be careful. These cutting edge products are developing fast but they still have a long way to go before they can match the mature support provided by the well established relational databases. Some of the features developers are accustomed to, such as ACID transactions, may never be provided.

Are you well informed about NoSQL? You need to be if you want to make the right decisions, seize the opportunities and overcome the challenges. The NoSQL landscape is complex and difficult to understand. There is talk of key-value stores, column families, semi-structured documents, eventual-consistency, nodes and edges. What does it all mean? What are the implications of choosing one thing over another?

This event will make you better informed about NoSQL.

Across the whole panel we have knowledge and experience across a range of NoSQL technologies.


Alistair Jones is Software Engineer at Neo Technology, the commercial backers of Neo4j, the JVM-based graph database. Alistair is a member of the kernel team for Neo4j, so has a deep understanding of what makes a graph database so powerful. Before joining Neo Technology, Alistair spent many years writing business software, leading technical teams and consulting on software architecture. This gives him a good view of where and how to apply NOSQL technologies in real applications.

Alvin Richards is the European Senior Technical Director at 10gen, the developers and supporters of MongoDB. He has decades of industry experience, including several years at Oracle. Working on Mongo DB allows him to do what he most enjoys: building great teams who build great products that challenge the status quo.

Robert Rees of Wazoku uses CouchDB. At Wazoku, they help bring about change by putting people and ideas together. They need to be flexible rather than prescriptive about how people capture ideas so they prefer using document datastores.

Kim Ross of Bossa Studios uses Cassandra to help make games that people love playing. After the painful experience of sharding an RDBMS she took the time to evaluate the NoSQL alternatives before settling on Cassandra. Kim will be able to say from experience what Cassandra is good for and where it falls short.

Manik Surtani is the specification lead for JSR347, an API for interacting with in-memory and disk-based distributed data grids.

Please Note

This event will be held in the Christopher Ingold XLG1 Lecture Theatre which is in the chemistry department. The Christopher Ingold building is off Gordon Street, WC1H 0AJ

Please look at this map for specific location -,-0.132179&spn=0.017542,0.05549&sll=51.53663,-0.071592&sspn=0.140303,0.443916&hnear=London+WC1H+0AJ,+United+Kingdom&t=m&z=15