Clojure for Java Developers

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Clojure for Java Developers

Presented by John Stevenson ( (@jr0cket (

Learning a new language is one of the best things a developer can do to broaden their experience and adapt different approaches into their work. The greater the difference in language principles and syntax, the more you can benefit. Learning a functional programming language can also help you make more of the current trend of multi-core CPU architecture.

Clojure ( is a new functional programming language for the Java platform and yet based on one of the oldest languages still in use, Lisp ( Clojure in my humble opinion is one of the most beautiful languages I have used. Its simplicity of syntax & design approach makes it a really powerful general purpose language.

Using the concept of REPL driven programming, I will introduce you to the concept and syntax of the language. I'll also cover the key tools and libraries that help you develop applications quickly and effectively. Topics include:

* Clojure syntax & the dynamic nature of Clojure
* Atomic & aggregate data types
* Java interoperability & underlying Java objects
* Immutability & managing state
* Homoiconisity & macros
* Building Clojure projects & dependency management with Leiningen (
* Repl driven programming with LightTable ( & Emacs

Maybe some graphics fun with Quil ( if there is time!

Who should attend:

This session is suitable for anyone who is a developer, or studying to be a developer. Whilst comparisons will be made to the Java language, tools & ecosystem, Java is not a pre-requisite to discover Clojure.


18:30: Doors Open
18:45: 'Clojure for Java Developers' presented by John Stevenson (60 mins approx.)
19:45: Networking

Please Note:

This event is being held in the Darwin B15 Lecture Theatre at UCL, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT. The entrance is on Gower Street -

After event informal drinks:

We will head to 'Hotel Ibis - London, Euston, St Pancras' - 3 Cardington Street, London, NW1 2LW - for networking and further informal discussion.

Refreshments are kindly being sponsored by Retrospective -

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